Orchard Photo Shoot

As often happens when spending a day with the creative types (the husbands are all animators) there is some kind of creative endeavor taking place.  On this day it was the awesomeness that can be accomplished with an iphone / ipod touch, the hipstimatic app, and an artistic eye.  The following photos were not photo-shopped or touched up with the exception of the color enhancing picture.  The  distortion was all artistic eye.
Tiny Rob, Giant Jeremy

Robby wants an apple, mean Kasey.
And now here is some of the behind the scenes of the shoot.  These photos above are two of many.

And now I’ve ruined the magic…

Apple Pickin’

Fall is time for apple picking and pumpkins and cider.  We took our semi-annual trip to the Outhouse Orchard with some friends.  There were six of us so we rented a mini-van, and bought some pastries for breakfast and headed north.  This is the first time we’ve actually PICKED APPLES at the orchard.  Usually it’s about the cider and the donuts, but picking apples is so much fun.  Mostly we used the apple picking claw, but at times with a little boost from someone tall were able to pick with our hands.  There was no tree climbing or apple throwing allowed.

I think we ended up with 30 – 40 pounds of apples.  We split them up, but Rob and I ended up with the bulk.  There are just enough left for a pie.  Yum!

Happy Fall

Yesterday Rob took me to Outhouse Orchard. It’s a couple hours north of the city. We walked through the pumpkins. And looked at the apples. There is apple picking, but we skipped on that for the donut and cheesecake eating! And we took a hayride. Let me just say that is has nothing on the ones the Frazier’s can do. Here are some pictures from the day.

We took Rob’s friend Dave and his girlfriend Amy with us. The only shot I have with Amy in it is vertical…and for some reason I can’t post those. But fun fact from the day…Amy went to IU and graduated in 2004 with a Telecom degree just like me…but we never knew each other. Hazard of a big school. Here is a shot of Rob and Dave in the store.I bought some pumpkin butter. And a pumpkin cheesecake, and some donuts!
We also picked up Rob’s mom on the way. Here she is.
Rob in the pumpkin patch.
Me with the crazy pumpkin with the growth. We’re not really sure what’s going on here.
A more perfect pumpkin…
Me in the pumpkin patch so I can prove to Rob that this blog isn’t all about him.