Simon says; vol. 7

Every night we pray. Simon is starting to ask some deep questions.

Simon: I want to see Jesus. How do I see him?

Me: Well Jesus is in heaven with God. You get to see him when you die.

Simon: But I want to see Jesus alive. How can I see Jesus while he’s still alive?

Me: I don’t know. That is a good question we can ask pastor Jon.

[confers with pastor]

Me: I asked Pastor Jon your question. When Jesus was alive he could only see a few people. not all of the people. So he went to heaven so the Holy Spirit could come and live in everybody.

Simon: But I don’t want the Holy Spirit to see everybody. I only want Jesus to see me while he’s alive.


We sang a new song in church and Simon has been singing it at home.

Simon: Better is one day in your courts, Better is one day in your house. Better is one day in your courts.

Me: Do you know what that song means Simon?

Simon: No.

Me: It means that spending one day in God’s house is better than any other day. It is the very best day.

Simon: How do I go there?

Me: Well, God’s house is in heaven.

Simon: I want to go there when I am alive with Jesus and see the dead people.

First Homework

Fall means school and school means homework. Simon had his first “book report” last week. Every Friday he will be sent home with a book, and it should be returned on Monday with the report sheet filled out. Stellar parent that I am, I remembered around 7:30am Monday that we needed to do this. Oops. But Simon listened to his story and filled out the report.

IMG_4499And the next morning when he was helping Rob make muffins for breakfast he talked about helping to make your food. The lesson stuck.


Simon says: at the drugstore

Simon: Look mom we are next to the band-aids.
Me: Yes, you can pick a new box.
Simon: I want Engine (Ninja) Turtles and Hello Kitty.
Me: You may pick only ONE box.
Simon: Aww. Ok. I want… oh look it’s Minecraft.
Me: How do you know what Minecraft it?
Simon: Mom. I know Minecraft.

[okay then] (They weren’t actually Minecraft, but Army digi camo, I can see where the mistakes could be made) He went with the pink and purple hearts. (I think, he might have switched back to Ninja Turtles, I wasn’t actually paying all that much attention)

Birth Days

Fifty-two weeks ago today I woke up on a Sunday morning to Simon yelling and went to lay in his bed with him. My water broke. I was in denial. I called my doula and had a nice breakfast. Our last as a family of three. Then we all went to church. I called my doula again. Then my doctor. We left church and went to the hospital with no bags. I was convinced they’d send us home. That didn’t happen. At 4:31 am Monday morning Caleb joined our family. It was one of the most wonderful and intense experiences of my life. Twelve hours later Simon came to the hospital to meet his brother.

These videos are of that meeting. It’s only taken me a year to post them… Some key phrases: “He came out, he came out of your belly!” “He’s so tiny.” “Look at the baby toesies.” *the second video is long and mostly for grandparent gratification.

#microblogmondays – on Tuesday: In the spirit

One thing I really want to do with my kids is celebrate the Advent season. Beyond just a countdown with the chocolate, because we’ve been doing that since Simon’s first Christmas at 5 months old. A friend recommended the Jesse Tree for advent. Simon is a little young, but he likes the stories and this might also work as a good transition back to bedtime stories instead of bedtime TV in January.

But this month we have been reading stories about the lineage of Christ, and Simon’s understanding is…interesting.

On creation and the fall of man:

Me: Simon, what is sin?

Simon: Sin is a spirit (I think he means Satan) that took all the apples and put everyone in time out.

On Noah (promise/rainbow) and Jacob (ladder):

Me: Simon, what is God’s promise?

Simon: When he climbed the ladder and saw God.

On Jesse and David:

Simon: And David’s daddy told him to the giant. And he took a rock and threw it like this and the giant fell down.

And every story /question session ends with: And now can I have the treat chocolate?

We are getting there.

If you are interested. this is the book we are using: The Advent Jesse Tree: Devotions for Children and Adults to Prepare for the Coming of the Christ Child at Christmas Next year I hope to make ornaments to go along with the symbols. *affiliate link.