Thanksgiving Parade Fun

Our family tradition is to go to the Parade on Thanksgiving Day. We have our spot that isn’t too crowded. And this year the weather was perfect. We did some sidewalk viewing for the first hour or so, then took some time to run and play and watch the balloons from in the park. We even got our Christmas card photo taken. All in all a fabulous morning, and I love the photos we got. Long slide show, but I really do love them.

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And this one when I was trying to get a joint picture of the kids running toward the camera, but Caleb couldn’t get on board with running until Simon was done 🙂

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March is my nemesis.

For whatever reason without fail blogging TANKS in March. I think it has a lot to do with the academic calendar and mid-terms. Everything is due and it’s exhausting. A good number of my March posts are photo dumps or old vacation pictures as I’m longing to emerge from the doldrums of winter. This year has been no different only we will add complete lack of sleep to the equation. I’ve had dissertation drama, grant deadlines, event deadlines, conference talks to prepare and present, and revisions, and parenting, and life. It never ends. But March is always particularly difficult.

So, here, finally, are some of the family pics we took last fall for our Christmas card. We’ve been trading photos with friends for a few years now and it’s been fabulous. Especially since the friends have been thus far willing to go to whatever crazy location I have in mind. Thanks to Josey for the idea.

So from November:

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Oh, and since I don’t think I ever shared our Christmas card here – Merry Christmas in March. (Let me know if you want to be added to my yearly mailing list, it’s never to early)




first day of school

School was closed all last week for the camp/semester change that happens here in NYC. Simon is going back to pre-school, he’s in the same classroom this year. It was Caleb’s first day ever in the baby room. We tried for some first day photos. I live in the world of “I’ll take what I can get” for family pictures. They are still pretty cute even if not both looking to camera and Simon trying to strangle Caleb.

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