around here: week 2

IMG_7487Relishing… the first big snowfall of the year. We love our local sledding hill and bonus, our besties just moved into the building at the bottom of the hill making bathroom breaks a reality. This is the first year Caleb can fully enjoy the snow. He had a blast going down in the tube with Dad and Mom. Simon is big enough this year to really sled on his own, meaning he can go down and up the hill with his blue saucer. Simon and his buddies went off on a side hill on their own, which was cute. But also, did they have to pick the path through the trees? Then I saw the teenage boys snowboarding…and at least one on a skateboard. If this is my life in 10 years, I’ll take the tree laden hill with a parent supervising.

Celebrating… our last Christmas with Grandma Val and Uncle Josh. Legos were the theme of the day.

Shopping… for a suit to wear to my interview.

Nailing… the Interview. I won’t hear back for a bit, but I felt like it went well and if I get this job I think it will be a really good one.IMG_7503Looking forward… each week to Hump Day Hot Drinks, when Pastor John sets up a free coffee and hot chocolate stand in front of our church office each Wednesday. It’s right on our walk to school and day care, and the little guys love their hot chocolate. Caleb asks most mornings, “Is it hot chocolate day?” So I drew a mug on the Wednesday’s on their calendar so he can check for himself.


IMG_7496Enjoying… gymnastics class. I signed Simon up after being on the wait list for a space forever, then realized that Caleb is old enough too. Almost, it’s a 3-5 year class and he will be 3 in a month, so they said ok. Caleb is a little nuts, but both coaches say it’s fine. Simon loves it, so much that getting him off the floor to go home is a struggle.

Watching… Switched at Birth. Vanessa Marano was a guest on a podcast I listen too. And I realized I never watched past the fist season. It’s a good background show, except that there are scenes entirely in ASL, so I do have to be able to see the screen. There has been some rewinding since I rarely watch anything as a single activity.




Thanksgiving Parade Fun

Our family tradition is to go to the Parade on Thanksgiving Day. We have our spot that isn’t too crowded. And this year the weather was perfect. We did some sidewalk viewing for the first hour or so, then took some time to run and play and watch the balloons from in the park. We even got our Christmas card photo taken. All in all a fabulous morning, and I love the photos we got. Long slide show, but I really do love them.

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And this one when I was trying to get a joint picture of the kids running toward the camera, but Caleb couldn’t get on board with running until Simon was done 🙂

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Flashback Friday: that time Simon turned 4!

I was a terrible blogger of events this summer, so enjoy the flashbacks. Simon turned 4 this year. He is suddenly into real kid territory. I kind of love it a lot – as nuts as #thisis4 can be. We’ve gotten into a birthday routine and will probably keep on this path, until we change it. We celebrate birthdays on the actual day.

We start with birthday breakfast and presents from Mom & Dad (us) and the grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

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Then there is the school party! Daycare means so far Simon has been in “school” all summer. This one will be the most interesting change as we will have the summer birthday (on a holiday weekend) problem once he’s really in school. This year I brought mini ice cream sandwiches and blueberries for the class. Then Simon got to hold the book during the CD read aloud time.

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Then we got to leave school early to go pick up the cake. And home to pack up for the party. The party was at the park from 5-7. I ordered pizza and we sang Happy Birthday and ate ice cream cake. We invited a few families of Simon’s best friends and had a low key evening of hanging out and letting the kids run free.

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And now he is four.

Stats at four: 31 lbs; 39 inches; 3T pants (2T/3T shorts!); 4T shirts; size 9 shoes.

Simon talks all the time and is getting more into pretend play. He is still working on the Children’s catechism at church and can go through the first 20 questions. His favorite shows are Paw Patrol and Doc McStuffins. He loves to watch YouTube and YouTube Kids, although his time watching “unboxing videos” is heavily limited (that deserves a whole post on it’s own), and likes to watch video game videos – Jelly is funny but “language” and anything Mario. He and Rob still play Wii games together, like Mario Kart and Bowling, but have added PC versions of Super Mario Bros. (old school) and some of the new Lego games to their mix of video game time.

Non screen time favorites are RescueBots and PawPatrol figures, basketball and bowling in the hall and due to new “go build” rules Magna Tiles and Duplos and Legos (as of last week) are back in heavy rotation. Trains are still played with but not as obsessively right now. That could change though as we move in to winter and more indoor play.

We still spend as much time outside as possible and the playgrounds and parks are amazing. Simon has mastered every apparatus except for the monkey bars.

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We also frequent the Hall of Science and Simon is finally big enough to enjoys areas outside of the Preschool Place.

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He started tennis lessons this summer and is doing really well. He loves Mr. Carlo and got his first trophy at the mini tournament he played in September.

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Not that there aren’t times he’s difficult, but this is to celebrate the great. I love this kid.

#MicroblogMondays: Last Friday

Microblog_MondaysSince the beginning of the year (for reasons of daycare fee scales) Caleb has gone to daycare on Fridays and Simon has not. We’ve used the time to go on our Adventures around the city, because at nearly and now officially FOUR, we can do things that are just not fun with a toddler in tow. And it’s nice for Simon to get some one-on-one time. Last Friday I had a few errands to run in the city, so we went. Simon was very good at our multiple stops, the last of which was the main Public Library Building to meet someone and drop off something.

Simon wanted to go in and check for Ghosts. Unfortunately the two areas of the library featured in Ghostbusters – the main reading room and the stacks – are currently under renovation and unavailable for view. However, in the Children’s Library in the basement Mary Poppins is back on display while the Pooh Toys are out for cleaning. Simon does not know about Winnie the Pooh, he does know about Mary Poppins. He liked the umbrella, but was disappointed Mary Poppins herself was not there as well. We also happened upon an in progress story hour, which Simon begged to join. I was impressed at his ability to sit with a group of much older kids and listen along.

Then we headed home to pick up Caleb for an hour at the Hall of Science. On the way I realized that it was our last Friday. The last Friday adventure before Pre-K starts. This week we will be on vacation then I start teaching the next two Fridays. Then Simon enters the NYC public school system. Mel wrote about lasts a few months ago – the lasts we know about and those we don’t. I’m not sure I got around to commenting at the time but the post has stuck with me. This one, I’m glad I didn’t realize until it was in progress. If I had I would have ruined it by building expectations and forcing fun. Instead we were able to have a pretty good day doing normal things. I still can’t believe I only have one more week of “summer”.


Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

A tale of two weekends: His

As previously mentioned I took Caleb to Indiana for Memorial Day weekend leaving Rob and Simon at home. Other than being sick I had a fantastic girls weekend shopping and (bridal) showering with my mom and sister. The big boys would have been miserable.


Friday Simon went to school as normal and Daddy picked him up. Saturday morning Simon was given some options and he wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo to feed the Llama (which is really and alpaca) and the baby sheep. Maybe look for the sea lions and the peacock too. We go to the zoo fairly often so Simon knew just what to do. And he got lucky and they went to the 4-D theater to see Rio again.

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After the zoo Rob called me and was trying to decide where to go for lunch. I told him to check out the food court at the Plaza. The verdict it’s nice but too expensive for what it is (a public food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel). Simon fell asleep. Rob wins. Then before heading home rob picked up some new summer shirts since most of his got tossed for holes or stains. (Last time he got new shirts was ore children – it was time).


Saturday evening they went to the playground with Lucas and played in the rain.20140608-145623-53783149.jpg

Sunday Rob decided the adventure. They went to flushing meadows where there is a kiddie amusement park outside of the Queens Zoo. Last year simon was too small or too scared of everything. Tis year he tried every ride. The roller coaster and the fast spinning one he decided were too scary – but carousels are fun now! As is the train and the race car. Simon had so much fun telling me all about this over the phone. His favorite part “you put your hands up and say wooo.”

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After the rides they waked over to the Queens Museum to see the miniature map of New York City. Simons favorite part of this museum was the wooden train tracks in the play area :/ you win some you lose some.

IMG_1754Monday was a holiday and Uncle Josh came to play. They headed BACK to the amusement park to ride the rides again. Simon definitely won on this special weekend.

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They ended it all with viewing 1233458787 of Ghostbusters. And to top it off had popcorn and milkshakes. Simon now wants a milkshake every time he has popcorn…

Not sure which day, but breakfast on the balcony. And Simon most definitely wearing Caleb’s 6-12 month shortie pjs. What does that say that they look better on Simon…

Tuesday Rob took Simon to school and I picked him up. And that’s how we kicked off summer.