Rob and I rode the Bug Carousel when we were dating and went to the Bronx Zoo.  We took our engagement pictures on the Central Park Carousel.  We’ve ridden carousels at Flushing Meadows, Rye Playland, and Six Flags.  Something about a good merry-go-round makes me smile.  When Simon is bigger I can’t wait to take him on the one in Bryant Park.

Congress Park in Saratoga has a restored carousel.  The tails are made of real horse tails!  Of course we had to ride and take Simon on his first ride.  Since he was only 6.5 weeks old at the time we decided it was best he ride in the stationary carriage.  But that didn’t stop us from taking some pictures on the horses first.

First Carousel Ride of what I hope will be many more to come.

Saratoga Sunrise

We spent last week in Saratoga.  In addition to taking the rabbit for walks we went to the track and walked through town.

Race day is a bit to much for us to handle with Simon right now. So we went to breakfast at the track and watched the early morning practice.  I’ve been wanting to do this since I first visited Saratoga in 2006, but since you have to be there by 7 am sleep has always won.  Now that I have a little alarm clock, 7am is no problem.  We had an entire day by 10 am.

Once he woke up Simon really did watch the horses some.  He made all the jockey’s smile.  And there was at least one other family pointing out the horses to a much to young infant.

 On the way home from the track we stopped in to see the grounds of Yaddo.  We saw an exhibit at the library a couple of years ago and have been wanting to visit.  Most is closed to the public, but here is the house and the garden.

 When we got home our little eskimo was ready for a nap.  Like I said a whole day before 10 am.  And so glad I packed the pants and jacket.  Perfect fall weather all week.

What Rob Did: Monkey’s Paradise

We took our first family trip this week, up to Saratoga Springs to visit my cousins in their trailer in the woods.  Of course Simon was coming, a second use for the car seat, and we had the conversation of what to do with the rabbit.  We have two usual options, 1) pack him up and drop him off with Josh, a huge pain for us, or 2) leave him home and have Josh or someone come feed him each day, a pain for them.  Peggi and Tyrone have 2 dogs and 4 birds, so we decided to just bring him along to join the menagerie.  Monkey and the dogs met last Thanksgiving and were fine together.  But since they did spook each other a bit and the trailer and porch have lots of hidey holes for a rabbit Rob did what he’s been wanting to for awhile.  He bought a lead for Monkey.  It wraps around his neck and under his front legs keeping him secure.  The rationale was so Monkey could be out on the porch without getting stuck in a hidey hole or darting away from a curious dog.

But what he really wanted to do was take Monkey for a walk.  Outside.  In the wild woods.  I don’t know why this made me so anxious, but it did.  However, after the first time when I saw it was fine I stopped worrying an Monkey got twice daily walks.  He found a fern grove just outside the porch and made a beeline for it as soon as his little feet hit the ground.  he even chewed himself a clearing.

 Rob and Monkey and Peggi had such a good time on these walks.  I think Monkey is probably the saddest of all of us to be home again.  It means back to his cage.

And just so you can see how fast he is.  Here are some videos.

Howe’s Cavern

Last weekend Rob and I headed up to Saratoga Springs to visit Peggi and Tyrone. Always up for adventure – we headed to Howe’s Cavern, along with Peg’s new camera.

Here we are about to go down 168 (i think) feet in the elevator.

Inside the cave where it is a nice cool 52 degrees year round.And when we emerged – sunset.

My Sumer Vacation(s)

Now that it is officially fall, it is time for the time honored essay, “What I Did This Summer.”I started dating Rob in the spring so by the time summer hit we were together most weekends. He says this blog is all about him. I say when there are two people one of them ends up in a lot of pictures, and I’m the one with the camera.

We kicked off the summer with softball and an amusement park. I played softball for the first time in years. I was in so much pain the next day. This was the Paul Beard Classic, a fundraising event in honor of an animator who was died a couple of years ago. AND we went to Six Flags Great Adventure. That seems so long ago now. Rob Vicky and I toughed it out and were there from 11 to 8. I don’t know how we did it. The picture above is from the end of the night. Our other friends left us at 6.

June brought the beginning of my freelance work for Nickelodeon, and full enjoyment of unemployment. I also got a new roommate in June. Deana. I met her at church and she works as a Physicians Assistant in a Brooklyn Hospital. We cleaned up the apartment (a later post) and get along splendidly.

For my birthday weekend in June Rob and I went to Saratoga Springs to stay with my cousins Peggi and Tyrone. It was on the chilly side, so we spent most of the time in town shopping one day. And then to the springs of course. The water is not always as tasty as one could be led to believe.

We came back from Saratoga on my birthday and went for cake with  Sarah and Rob.

The end of June brought Aunt Cynde and Uncle Marty to town for a full BROOKLYN weekend. With the exception of traveling to the Yankees game in the Bronx, we didn’t touch Manhattan. We had some real Brooklyn pizza, and walked the Promenade and the Brooklyn Bridge. Saturday was the Yankees game and a walk through Park Slope. Sunday we went to Coney Island to take a ride on the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel. And of course we ate at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs.

Early July, Rob came to Indiana with me to meet the family. And to attend Nick and Kirsten’s wedding. We had a great time. I left Indiana and dropped Rob in New York, and went straight to Brazil! Where I spent 10 days with my sister trying to pick up a little Portuguese. We really enjoyed our beach time there.

Back to New York I got two pieces of news. I had jury duty. And the opportunity for a job. I did my jury duty…I did not get picked for a case on the grounds of I had to start a new job Monday, and am excused for 8 years! And I did start the job here at Nick. (I finally got my computer at the office yesterday)

The end of July the cousins from Tennesse came to visit. Rob and I took Mindy, Lindsay, and Hannah on a whirlwind 2 1/2 tour of the whole city. I don’t think I’ve seen that much of Manhattan since the great Connie Frazier visit of 2004. 🙂

August brought moving Rob in to his new apartment and settling into my job. Rob’s apartment looks great. At the end of August we took a final end of summer trip back to Saratoga to bet on the ponies. We won less than we bet…but didn’t come out too bad for an entire day on the track. (Just add up how much you spend on dinner and a movie and popcorn and we did WAY better) We also floated down the Battenkill river for a relaxing afternoon.

So summer is over, but it sure was a good one.