A tale of two weekends: His

As previously mentioned I took Caleb to Indiana for Memorial Day weekend leaving Rob and Simon at home. Other than being sick I had a fantastic girls weekend shopping and (bridal) showering with my mom and sister. The big boys would have been miserable.


Friday Simon went to school as normal and Daddy picked him up. Saturday morning Simon was given some options and he wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo to feed the Llama (which is really and alpaca) and the baby sheep. Maybe look for the sea lions and the peacock too. We go to the zoo fairly often so Simon knew just what to do. And he got lucky and they went to the 4-D theater to see Rio again.

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After the zoo Rob called me and was trying to decide where to go for lunch. I told him to check out the food court at the Plaza. The verdict it’s nice but too expensive for what it is (a public food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel). Simon fell asleep. Rob wins. Then before heading home rob picked up some new summer shirts since most of his got tossed for holes or stains. (Last time he got new shirts was ore children – it was time).


Saturday evening they went to the playground with Lucas and played in the rain.20140608-145623-53783149.jpg

Sunday Rob decided the adventure. They went to flushing meadows where there is a kiddie amusement park outside of the Queens Zoo. Last year simon was too small or too scared of everything. Tis year he tried every ride. The roller coaster and the fast spinning one he decided were too scary – but carousels are fun now! As is the train and the race car. Simon had so much fun telling me all about this over the phone. His favorite part “you put your hands up and say wooo.”

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After the rides they waked over to the Queens Museum to see the miniature map of New York City. Simons favorite part of this museum was the wooden train tracks in the play area :/ you win some you lose some.

IMG_1754Monday was a holiday and Uncle Josh came to play. They headed BACK to the amusement park to ride the rides again. Simon definitely won on this special weekend.

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They ended it all with viewing 1233458787 of Ghostbusters. And to top it off had popcorn and milkshakes. Simon now wants a milkshake every time he has popcorn…

Not sure which day, but breakfast on the balcony. And Simon most definitely wearing Caleb’s 6-12 month shortie pjs. What does that say that they look better on Simon…

Tuesday Rob took Simon to school and I picked him up. And that’s how we kicked off summer.

Our Monday Adventure: to the zoo

As of last week Simon is officially part time at school/daycare and is staying with me and Caleb on Monday and Thursday. Last week we went to the Hall of Science. This week we conquered the Central Park Zoo. Memberships are seriously the greatest. We use both the zoo and museum ones often and all over the city.

There was a bit of a rough start to the morning and lots of snacks. Then we saw sea lions, monkeys, fish, and a large peacock among other animals.







Then we went to the 4D theater. The movie was Rio, which is a favorite here. At only $4 (member price & Simon is free) and 15 minutes I thought it worth the risk. Simon did great at his first theater experience. He liked the water spray and the bubbles. His legs were to short to feel the air puffs and the shaking seat didn’t seem to make an impression. He didn’t wear the 3 D glasses (not good for littles eyes) so it was just am little blurry.

To end the outing we went to the children’s zoo to feed the sheep and camel. And Simon is finally big enough to hold his own on the spider web.




Simon fell asleep on the way home so I spent some quality time staring into Caleb’s eyes watching for his half smiles. He’s so close to smiling big.

The late afternoon was spent playing trains and monster trucks because what else? I hope all of out Monday Adventures are this great.


*Note the day wasn’t all rosy. I’m choosing to forget all about the three meltdowns and the running away through a gated off area.

the monday snapshot: a day at the zoo

Saturday I coerced my sick husband into trekking up to the Bronx with me and Simon, so we could go to the zoo. There is a Dinosaur Safari exhibit that I thought Simon would like since he love all things Dinosaur Train. I was right. Except for the T-Rex – he was a little too close for comfort. “It’s ok Simon, it’s scary, it’s ok Simon” is what Simon said over and over until we passed that part.



Then we watched the sea lions for awhile. But we were too late to “see sea lions do tricks” and there was no way we were sticking around until the next feeding time. We grabbed lunch, then off to the Butterfly Garden. This may have been Simon’s favorite part. Up close and personal. Then he saw the opportunity for these photos on the way out.



I do it MYSELF!


OK then.


A bunny rabbit! (Kind of, but not really).


After the photos we took a quick trip to see the gorillas, then home for us.


Two and a half hours is plenty of zoo for us. But a chilly fall weekend is the PERFECT time to go. I don’t think I’ve ever been when there were so few people. A not crowded zoo is my favorite kind.


This academic year my crazy month seems like it will be October instead of March. Although March will likely be crazy too. My manuscript was resubmitted. And now I am studying for my qualifying exam on November 1. This is the last exam I will ever have to take (assuming I pass). So, to enable the studying and reduce the distractions posting will be light to non-existent around this blog. I am going to try and post a picture a week. And in November I might get around to posting our summer vacation photos.

So I leave you with this – our weekend at the Maker Faire. Rob got to geek out with the robotics and 3-D printers and all the things to build. Simon got to cheer at the giant mouse trap and dance with a robot. At the end of the day we stopped by the zoo.

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