#MicroblogMondays: Trials

Microblog_MondaysI’ve been going through some things. Part of it is just a really really busy stage right now. I’ve been on a plane at least once a month since April and that will continue through the end of the year. It’s a combination of fun, work, and dissertation (which I guess is work) but it’s exhausting. Speaking of my dissertation, it is really moving and I CAN actually see the end of this process.
On top of it we’ve had some family struggles which I just don’t want to post about (to all the grandparents – you already know all about it so please don’t get melodramatic). All of this means I’ve just been…quiet.

But I had to pop in for The 100th edition of #MicroblogMondays. This is ONE HUNDRED weeks of posting small and linking up, definitely something to celebrate.

I’m not sure when I’ll pop in again, but I’ll leave you with some quintessential New York City summer. We came across an open fire hydrant…and I let my kids take off the shoes and run through it.

The Beach

We spent last week on the Florida panhandle enjoying the sandy white beach and a chance to sleep in – you know until 7:30 instead of 5:45 – because Memaw got up with the boys. Mom and Chip and Aunt Em all came and we had a fabulous time. The house we rented had an enclosed back yard with a trampoline, swing set, and sandbox. We spent most mornings out there and I loved that the kids had the freedom to just go outside. That is probably the one thing I really miss that we don’t have living in the city.

Simon has had several beach encounters. His approach is cautious. The big change this year is he’s no longer afraid for Rob and I to go in the water – that used to really upset him. He loves to build sand castles and tunnels and caves, but is tentative to approach the water. He’s like a sand piper running in and out with the surf. By the end of the week he got a little braver and let us carry him in a bit further.

Caleb went to the beach last summer but was around 4 months old so this was his first real experience. He LOVED it. The kid has no fear of the waves. The smiles and giggles he gave when we put him in the water and he watched a wave come at his face…priceless. We mostly jumped him over the wave in time. He loved the sand, digging and burying himself and stomping on sand castles. Seeing that much joy made the never ending sand worth it.

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We get one more beach week in August, and I’m hoping it’s just as fun.

#microblogmondays: gone fishin’


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Actually gone to the beach.

The kids love it.

I love it.

Sun, sand, and limited internet.


We flew down Saturday. The house we are staying in has a fenced and covered yard with a swing set and sand for the kids. The hours not spent at the beach or pool are out there. It’s about perfect to spending days in the water, although I’ve decided I never want to actually live on the beach because the SAND. So much SAND! Caleb is a true water baby, he shows no fear of being dunked in the ocean. He runs in and out of the surf and digs in the sand. Simon has a healthy fear of the ocean. This year at least he is ok with the adults going in to the water. And on day three he is warming up to the idea of the water. He’s letting the surf wash over his legs now and jumping over the tiny waves. Hoping he’ll go in further and maybe ride a skimmer by the end of the week.

Nights are supposedly spent editing my dissertation proposal, it’s gonna happen since I have to turn it in next week. Maybe tonight. We’re here until Saturday and I’m enjoying my fitbit free only checking in once a day or so on social media break.

Indiana: a few more

I booked an 11:30 flight out because getting to the airport around 10 seemed doable. Getting there at 7 for a 9:30 flight did not. But then we decided a cab was worth it (I was by myself with them) and we did TSA-pre. And the part I never counted on is that Simon was SO excited to go to Me-maw’s yellow house that he got up and dressed and packed his bag with none of the usual shenanigan’s that he was ready like this for nearly 2 hours. Next time we’ll do the early flight.

He picks his own clothes.

At the airport.

Simon was a dream at the airport and on the plane. He ate his snacks and got to order his own apple juice. He watched a show on the ipad and even wore headphones for part of it. CalebĀ  mostly slept. At the end of the flight though we had some of the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. I honestly thought the oxygen masks might come down. People screamed. Lots of things fell. Simon did NOT like it and said he didn’t want to be scared. I told him it was just bumpy wind and I would keep him safe. I will say it is quite difficult to clean up your mess for proper storage when you have to use one arm for the baby and the big kid is hanging on the other one. But we made it and he was so so happy to land.

On the plane.

The first thing we did upon landing was take Simon for a haircut. It took him awhile to calm down, but he did ok.

Post hair cut.

That night after dinner we did an early birthday present so Simon could have his scooter. Then I went to LA. Simon had a great time with the grandparents. They rode scooters, and took the bikes out, they went to a Day Out With Thomas, and ate a LOT of ice cream. He had a great trip.

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When I got back we were go go go. We did pick up a bouncer for Caleb to have somewhere to put him down. And we spent a day with each of my cousins, Haley and Grant, who came over to play. We went to the pool, which is really a water park. I was so proud of Simon for jumping in and going UNDER. We got to spend a morning with Sara and Charlie and Kaitlyn. We spent a day at Lake Monroe on a boat. Simon was terrified. I later learned it was because he was sick with a fever of 101. So we got some Tylenol.

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The sick boy flew home and the combination of not feeling well and the turbulence on our flight out made him clingy. But he slept on one of us for a bit of it and listened with his headphones for the rest. Caleb ate or slept. And we were home and DONE with travel for a few weeks. We were still overstretched in July, but also playing catch up. We’re getting there.