#MicroblogMondays: holiday snippets

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Thursday we went out for our annual watching or the parade  The weather was amazing and we were able to take off our coats. I was becoming concerned that we weren’t going to get family pics this fall but Rob came to the rescue and after the parade ended got some. He set the camera on a rock with the timer and we sat on a neighboring rock. We got a couple of good ones where we all look reasonably happy – not easy considering the kids were at the end of their happy time. 

I was able to order our Christmas cards on Black Friday (even found 15%off code) and they arrive tomorrow. So despite the lateness of planning and picture taking it all came together.

We got a tree. It’s a little Charlie Brownie and not the fluffiest the tree we’ve ever had but I love it. Simon helped hang the ornaments and pull out the decorations. I also took an hour on Sunday to finally make Caleb’s stocking. So tree, stockings, nativity, and other decor is up and the apartment feels festive.

Also, Caleb is sick, again. So despite the warm weather winter is here.

#MicroblogMondays: Family Week

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Microblog_MondaysThis week is family week in Simon’s UPK class. This afternoon was my turn to visit for an hour. Simon showed me how he put away his nap mat. And I got to read the post-nap story. We brought Simon’s favorite book from home, The Book with No Pictures. Then I got to do center time with the kids. Simon and his friends baked me brownies in the play kitchen. Then we did a floor puzzle. It was great.

I never even knew this was something I wanted to do.

The best part is, I get to go back tomorrow for the Thanksgiving feast.



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#MicroblogMonday: Refresh

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I wrote a really good post for #MicroblogMonday in my head Sunday night. Then I forgot all about it Monday morning, except that it was really good. I didn’t write all day thinking it might come to me. Then I had an event. So this is my consolation post.

I’ve been thinking about how outdated my header picture is and that I should probably update it. What I really like about that picture is that our faces are obscured. Which is a funny thing because our faces and names are all over this blog. If I’m going to update I figured it might be time for a whole new look -I’ve been sporting this one since early 2012. So I spent some time perusing themes in WordPress.

I’m currently in Scrappy, and considering Dreamway and Fifteenth. I’m on the fence about the thumbnail style posts in Dreamway, but Fifteenth would require a significant amount of customization. It’s on the list, I might actually get to it this year.





Maybe I’ll remember the other post sometime this week…

Halloween 2015

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Halloween is the start of the most wonderful time of the year. It’s in FALL and so much fun. Then we move in to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so what’s not to love. Building costumes has become a bit of a challenge for us to try and out-do ourselves. I think the Tardis or 2012 might be my favorite. Rob is still quite proud of the proton pack that came with last year’s Ghostbusters, that costume was a bit of reuse from 2011’s Marshmallow Man. And this year we recycled the Ninja Turtle shell from 2013. We aren’t geeks at all when it comes to costumes….

So without further ado – This year’s Super Mario Brothers costumes for the who family.


Funniest moment of the night when a little boy, dressed as a puppy, about Caleb’s age, saw Bowser, screamed and ran the opposite direction.


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For extra fun, here are some pre-kid costumes. 2007 Rainbow Brite at work; 2010 at a Halloween Party and about 3 weeks pregnant with Simon..


My fifteen minutes…

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While writing this post in my head I realized that if I’ve been in NYC for 10 years, that means I’ve been working in television and film for more than that. Weird! I got my first job in television as a Schedule Director at WTIU in Bloominton, IN in February 2002. Since then I have held various roles in film and television and media production; research analyst, associate producer, production coordinator, etc… What these roles have in common is that they are all behind the scenes. I’ve never had the burning desire to be “in front of the camera” if you will.

But somehow, yesterday, I got a chance to do a professional voice record (hence quotes above as only my voice will be on screen). Part of my dissertation is an animated video teaching about the Internet. I know a guy who animates things. I read the voice over for the animatic (basically a draft of the video) and my committee strongly recommended that I do the final voice as well. And, well, you can’t argue with that.

Rob’s bosses kindly allowed us to use their studio, and the audio director agreed to do the record and edit. So my fifteen minutes of fame ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. And once I finish my dissertation, you will be able to view the video on the Internet.

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P.S. I’m going to need a website to post the video and possibly for future professional work. Any ideas for a domain name?

P.P.S. My work life sounds more glamorous than it actually is. Promise.