#microblogmondays: vacation, relocation

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Last week, like in much of the northeast, New York was on Spring Break. This meant the kids daycare was closed for four days (because daycare they don’t close the WHOLE week school is out). Rather than stay at home, hit up the park and feel guilty about the state of our apartment, we took a trip. I booked Amtrak to Philadelphia and used hotwire for a cheap hotel downtown.

The train is fast and easy and the kids like it. We met up with some friends and family for a couple of meals. The big events were the Please Touch Museum and a Duckboat Tour. Simon saw the Duck on the street and that was it – we HAD to do it. And I realized I am totally the goofy parent who dances and quacks and right now the kids think I’m great and I will be the embarrassment of their existence when they are teens.

The last morning we went to look at historic Philly and visited the U.S. Mint. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I was finally visiting during the week! Simon can now tell you all about how money is made. But while we were waiting in line, we chatted with the older couple in front of us. She asked how our vacation was and we must have laughed. Then she said, “when my nephews were little, my brother would say, it’s not a vacation, it’s a relocation.” So very very true. This wasn’t relaxing. But it was away and so very very fun.

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#microblogmondays (on Tuesday): the library card

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Microblog_MondaysI moved to NYC for the first time in June 2004. I had an internship for the summer (I moved here for real the next spring). One of the first things I did upon arrival with proof of my temporary city address was to get a library card. The New York Public Library is a magical place. And the main building, now a research library upstairs and the children’s library in the basement, has always been one of my favorite buildings. For the last few years my primary library borrowing has been in the form of e-books. And somewhere in the last few months I’ve misplaced my library card. The one I’ve had for more than 10 years. I realized this three weeks ago when I went to check out an actual, physical, book that I’d put on hold. I was able to check out the book with my ID, but today when I returned it – I got a new card. The new card is a different color with a new design. And I was told to cut up my old card if I find it. A new card for the next decade I guess.

How this week has been 

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This how I found him sleeping. Tired much – he fell asleep whilst climbing down. TGIF.


I moved him to a safe sleeping position. 

#microblogmondays: vacation dreamin’

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It’s that time of year where vacation is planned and oh so far away (beach trips in June and August) so I do something a little crazy. I was in Philadelphia for a couple of days last week for a conference and was reminded of how much fun the city is for kids. So today I bought some Amtrak tickets and booked a cheap hotel with a pool. On spring break we are going to swim and go to the Franklin Institute and the Please Touch museum and look at the old landmarks. It will be just what we need. And maybe we can relive this scene…

Simon at about 8 months.

March is my nemesis.

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For whatever reason without fail blogging TANKS in March. I think it has a lot to do with the academic calendar and mid-terms. Everything is due and it’s exhausting. A good number of my March posts are photo dumps or old vacation pictures as I’m longing to emerge from the doldrums of winter. This year has been no different only we will add complete lack of sleep to the equation. I’ve had dissertation drama, grant deadlines, event deadlines, conference talks to prepare and present, and revisions, and parenting, and life. It never ends. But March is always particularly difficult.

So, here, finally, are some of the family pics we took last fall for our Christmas card. We’ve been trading photos with friends for a few years now and it’s been fabulous. Especially since the friends have been thus far willing to go to whatever crazy location I have in mind. Thanks to Josey for the idea.

So from November:

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Oh, and since I don’t think I ever shared our Christmas card here – Merry Christmas in March. (Let me know if you want to be added to my yearly mailing list, it’s never to early)