#microblogmondays – finding my style

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This weekend Sara made a quick visit on her way to Baltimore. She was going to be do close! So she flew two one ways and took Amtrak down. What this meant for me was fancy cocktails, a Broadway show (Cinderella), and two days of talking and shopping.

I’m still 10 pounds heavier than of like to be. But really close to my “regular” size. I want clothes that fit. And look nice on the post baby body – I’m coming to terms with the fact my stomach will likely never be flat again. And I’m ok with that and even with tinge last 10 pounds if I must be.

But I do want to look nice. I work in a very casual environment. I have the business clothes when needed but it’s jeans for me. I’m trying to do T-shirts that are blouses but also not break the bank. And then EVERYTHING has the be machine washable because kids. And we use commercial machines in the building laundry room so everything gets washed hot. There is also the problem that this years cut seems to be cropped and boxy – not a look I’m comfortable in right now.

I bought a shirt with faux leather sleeves Saturday and wore it to brunch and shopping Sunday. It was the cutest I’ve felt in awhile. I’m finding my style.


I didn’t have it in me

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#microblogmonday on Tuesday
I fully intended to blog yesterday. You know. On Monday. But I just didn’t habit in me.
Then I was going to blog just that line last night, but what a boring post.
I decided to try again today. So I sit on the train for the first leg of my commute to Staten Island to teach. But today I need to catch the 8am bus to be on a Skype session with a collaborator in Australia at 9. I’m pretty guaranteed to be late.
Because sleep sucks right now. Caleb, our generally good sleeper with solid naps and 1 or 2 night nursings isn’t sleeping. The world! Too exciting for naps. So naps are VERY short. Crawling on the verge and night sleep is consumed by rolling and flailing around the crib. And I think that at 7.5 months he my finally be teething. All of these will pass. But right now all are happening. I’ve been getting up with him EVERY HOUR. It’s exhausting. Since he’s not hungry most of those Rob offered last night so I could be rested for today. That resulted in a scream fest from 3-6. That was awesome. Even when I blocked the noise I KNEW he was crying. But I slept-ish. And then I was late because I finally did sleep again then packed all the school bags to help Rob who didn’t sleep at all.
This blog not really micro, but it came from my phone so there’s that.

Caleb: 6 & 7 months

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Holy wow! I’ve given up on monthly pictures. Instead, the new goal is to pull out the good camera a few times a months and call it a day. We take so many pictures, I’m not worried I’m missing anything. I also coming to terms that every other month is a better schedule for updates.

6 months!

6 months!

Caleb turned six months while we were in DC. On that day he started sitting with minimal support. Month six was all about rolling. Caleb was mobile and could get around a room. He started playing with his toys. It was fun to see what he decided he liked. The toys are mostly from Simon and his favorites are not the same that Simon liked. Caleb loves the play mat (Simon never used it).

IMG_2219We borrowed a bouncer, Caleb likes it and it’s good for a few minutes here and there, and a great place for containment when needed, but the same love Simon had for bouncing isn’t there. Or maybe I’m not remembering things clearly.

IMG_2341The first week of September, just before the seven month mark, Caleb started sitting unsupported for more than 30 seconds at a time and doing a legit army crawl. He’s rocking and can almost get hes legs under him. He can get to different rooms now. So big!

IMG_2244We started giving him bites of food. He likes it. His grasp is still very careful, but he’s getting food to his mouth. Chicken is a big favorite. My version of baby led weaning is give him whatever we are eating and some mum-mum crackers. If I have pouches on hand he likes those too. We are still breastfeeding and it’s good. I plan to go around 2 years again unless something changes. Right now we are in the can’t eat when I’m distracted phase, which mostly means I need to nurse in a dark room. I can get away with reading on my phone if I hold it our of his view and don’t breath too hard. It will pass. I don’t really keep track, but I think we are nursing about 6 times a day and once or twice overnight. He’s tall and skinny just like Simon and I am not going to allow myself to get crazy about his weight or eating habits.

IMG_2083Sleep is fine. We moved Caleb to the bottom bunk, which deserves a post of it’s own. Sharing a room hasn’t been a problem so far. Caleb is mostly waking once a night to eat. Occasionally he’ll sleep all the way through 8-7ish and occasionally we have an up every hour and I think I’m going to die night. Those days require lots of coffee. But mostly it’s good and Caleb wakes up happy. (Simon on the other hand usually wakes up in a whiny rage of I need all the things right now!!!!!)

IMG_2332There is lots of babbling, especially of the ma ma ma variety. That just makes me smile.

The biggest change has been Caleb going to daycare three-and-a-half days a week. It’s great for me to be able to actually work. The pumping stinks, but I knew that would happen. Supply is fine, I get enough, I just really hate it… The first day of school they called Caleb Mr. Sunshine. He’s a happy kid. It’s stressing him a little and he’s not napping so great, but he’ll adjust. Even by the end of the first week he was back to one long nap.

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Six month stats: 14 lbs. 6 oz, 27 inches.


7 months!

#microblogmonday weekend status updates

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Upon being told he was going to the big kid room for Sunday school to learn about God instead of the baby nursery Simon said: God is not my friend! I only want Miss Mariana! (teacher in baby room & our sitter)

After Sunday school I asked him the first question of the Shorter Catechism, which is our Sunday school curriculum and what they talked about.

Me: Simon, who made you?

Simon: stares at me.

Me: Simon, did God make you?

Simon: No, I made me all myself!

Clearly Sunday school is needed and we have some work to do.


Simon is also at an age where he is starting to understand his body and parts and what parts other people have and the comments and questions that come with that.

While I was in the bathroom, I wanted Simon to come use it when I was done so we could go out.

Me: Simon, I need you to come here to the bathroom.

Simon: No mama, you can point your penis down all yourself.


While sitting on the couch with Rob, both in pajamas.

Simon reaches over and grabs: Is that your penis Daddy?

Rob: Yes.

Simon: I like it.


This morning while playing in diapers and Caleb fussing.

Simon: Mama I need you to put milk on my nipples, so I can give Caleb boo boos. He wants me to feed him. Come help me hold him mama.


Also, I bought pants in a size 6 this weekend. Still 10-12 pounds to lose, but only one more size until my old clothes fit!