#microblogmondays: unplugging

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I feel like I have nothing to say lately. But it’s not because we aren’t busy, we are busy with life. Working, and playing. We went on vacation last week and I TURNED OFF MY PHONE for most of it. I deleted Facebook from my phone – I did keep the groups app because I moderate in a couple of groups, but so much easier to check in to the group a couple of times a day and not see the rest of it. It’s been freeing. I miss this space and I’m still here, but the break has been nice. I’m contemplating trying to post every day in September… but since that is tomorrow, we’ll see…

#MicroblogMondays: Last Friday

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Microblog_MondaysSince the beginning of the year (for reasons of daycare fee scales) Caleb has gone to daycare on Fridays and Simon has not. We’ve used the time to go on our Adventures around the city, because at nearly and now officially FOUR, we can do things that are just not fun with a toddler in tow. And it’s nice for Simon to get some one-on-one time. Last Friday I had a few errands to run in the city, so we went. Simon was very good at our multiple stops, the last of which was the main Public Library Building to meet someone and drop off something.

Simon wanted to go in and check for Ghosts. Unfortunately the two areas of the library featured in Ghostbusters – the main reading room and the stacks – are currently under renovation and unavailable for view. However, in the Children’s Library in the basement Mary Poppins is back on display while the Pooh Toys are out for cleaning. Simon does not know about Winnie the Pooh, he does know about Mary Poppins. He liked the umbrella, but was disappointed Mary Poppins herself was not there as well. We also happened upon an in progress story hour, which Simon begged to join. I was impressed at his ability to sit with a group of much older kids and listen along.

Then we headed home to pick up Caleb for an hour at the Hall of Science. On the way I realized that it was our last Friday. The last Friday adventure before Pre-K starts. This week we will be on vacation then I start teaching the next two Fridays. Then Simon enters the NYC public school system. Mel wrote about lasts a few months ago – the lasts we know about and those we don’t. I’m not sure I got around to commenting at the time but the post has stuck with me. This one, I’m glad I didn’t realize until it was in progress. If I had I would have ruined it by building expectations and forcing fun. Instead we were able to have a pretty good day doing normal things. I still can’t believe I only have one more week of “summer”.


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#MicroblogMondays: the source

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So I bought Pioneer Girl: the Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I bought it because after waiting months for it on hold at the library I checked it out and realized it is a tome. It is a history and reference book and much to dense to read in the three-week checkout period. And also the type of book I can see myself re-reading snippets of here and there for many years.

Here I diverge a bit. Stick with me.

When I was pregnant with Simon I bought only a handful of things for him. One thing was the complete set of Little House on the Prairie. My books were loved and lost over the years, but much of my childhood was spent playing pioneers in our house and around the farm. This book was just something I needed to own.

My grandma was a first grade teacher for around 40 years. When I was in elementary school, she taught me this poem. Twenty froggies went to school. Down beside a rushy pool… She taught me lots of stories and poems but for whatever reason this one really stuck with me. So much so that in college I illustrated it for a children’s literature class. At the time I was asked who wrote it, and I had no idea. We had the Internet and I did my best, to no avail. The Internet in the early 2000s was NOT the Internet of today – or even five years ago. I’ve searched on and off over the years for the source of this poem. Not recently.

So back to the book. I was reading over the weekend and there at the bottom of page 71 are THE WORDS TO THIS POEM! And an annotation number with the source of the anthology it was printed in. What are the chances?!?! So I’ve learned that the Internet doesn’t know everything* and sometimes you just need to read a book.


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*I just did an Internet search and the poem is now on the Internet including a YouTube video where it was set to music.

**Affiliate link in this post.

#MicroblogMondays: knitting circle

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Learning to knit is something I’ve toyed around with on and off over several years. My grandma taught me to crochet, but I’ve never been very good at it. Quilting is more my style. Knitting is different from crocheting and alleviates my biggest frustration with crochet (I can’t find the stitches) and is portable in a way that quilting and sewing are not. Generally when I’ve asked around about learning to knit, I’ve been directed to YouTube. And YouTube is very good – but it doesn’t replace learning in person from an expert.

Our church recently renovated office space in our neighborhood (previous office was in a nearby neighborhood – we meet in an elementary school) with the goal of allowing community groups to meet there. When the idea of a knitting circle was floated last winter I jumped on it as the church member who would be keeper of the keys. I open and close the office each month and learn to knit.

The group is wonderful and there have been four to twenty women show up. A few I know from the neighborhood, but many others I likely never would have met outside of this group. We are a wide range of ages and are at many different stages of life, family, and career. A couple of ladies used to teach knitting at the local Michael’s. They share needles and yarn, offer advice on where to buy and help is given when someone is stuck. In the future we might make winter hats or baby blankets to donate. I love being part of this community and learning something new. Connecting to real live people, it feels good.



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Simon says: at the drugstore

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Simon: Look mom we are next to the band-aids.
Me: Yes, you can pick a new box.
Simon: I want Engine (Ninja) Turtles and Hello Kitty.
Me: You may pick only ONE box.
Simon: Aww. Ok. I want… oh look it’s Minecraft.
Me: How do you know what Minecraft it?
Simon: Mom. I know Minecraft.

[okay then] (They weren’t actually Minecraft, but Army digi camo, I can see where the mistakes could be made) He went with the pink and purple hearts. (I think, he might have switched back to Ninja Turtles, I wasn’t actually paying all that much attention)