Halloween 2016

In true Sunnyside fashion we had another great Halloween. The boys wanted to be Ghostbusters. (Again) This year the twist was they were the Ghostbusters – so I made a new suit for Simon and Rob made a new Pack for Caleb. Rob was the Marshmallow man. Fun Fact: The fleece hat was made from Caleb’s costume two years ago, that wasn’t intentional really, just the only white fleece I had on hand. I was a slimer monster with a slime hat from the Drugstore and reuse of my favorite dress from the childhood dress up box. I took no pictures (!!!) I know, who am I? But Rob got some great video. So enjoy!

We made it three streets this year. Caleb got tired and just sat in the middle of the sidewalk to eat his candy. Simon decided he was ok waiting in the line (instead of hitting up more houses) for a scary balloon skeleton at the end of the night. Because my neighborhood is awesome and there is a family who hires balloon artists or does some other over the top awesome every year.

See all of our Halloween costumes here: 2010, 2011 (Marshmallow Man), 2012 (Tardis), 2013 (Ninja Turtle), 2014 (Ghostbusters), 2015 (Mario Bros.)

Halloween 2015

Halloween is the start of the most wonderful time of the year. It’s in FALL and so much fun. Then we move in to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so what’s not to love. Building costumes has become a bit of a challenge for us to try and out-do ourselves. I think the Tardis or 2012 might be my favorite. Rob is still quite proud of the proton pack that came with last year’s Ghostbusters, that costume was a bit of reuse from 2011’s Marshmallow Man. And this year we recycled the Ninja Turtle shell from 2013. We aren’t geeks at all when it comes to costumes….

So without further ado – This year’s Super Mario Brothers costumes for the who family.


Funniest moment of the night when a little boy, dressed as a puppy, about Caleb’s age, saw Bowser, screamed and ran the opposite direction.


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For extra fun, here are some pre-kid costumes. 2007 Rainbow Brite at work; 2010 at a Halloween Party and about 3 weeks pregnant with Simon..


Halloween 2014

If you’ve been around for a few years you know we LOVE Halloween. Rob and I dressed up pre-kids and have had so much fun creating costumes for Simon. His first costume was the Marshmallow Man, which was partially re-purposed this year for Caleb. The next year we went with a Doctor Who theme. Last year I was pregnant, so I had Rob make me a pumpkin belly and Simon was an “Engine” Turtle as he says. This year we went back to our first kid costume idea – I loved that Caleb could share a costume and also Simon loves to watch the Ghostbusters movie.

Rob made the flashing lights proton pack and I made the outfits. I couldn’t find beige sweats so I bought two yards of craft cotton for $8 and a vintage jumper pattern. I’ve never made clothes but I’m quite pleased with myself. I mean there is a collar and a zipper! I eyeballed downsizing the same pattern and used a yard of white fleece for Caleb. I was off a bit and made it a bit too tight, but he only had to wear it twice. The collar and hat were the same that Simon wore. Those are now in the keepsake box.

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The Saturday before Halloween our park has a Halloween parade. I”m glad we did it, we’ll probably do it again, but I won’t kill myself to make it. Mostly is was chaos. Simon was cracking us up hunting for ghosts on the walk to the park. He found quite a few because our neighborhood is a little insane in the decorating. There was some general viewing of the costumes, we walked around the track and got a bag of candy, and Simon played in the sand and the cars.

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Halloween was on Friday. We picked up the kids early and went out from 5-6. The whole neighborhood is like one big block party, which is both awesome and a mob scene. We walked around with Simon’s two school friends. Then after two streets came back to our place for a viewing of Ghostbusters and some pizza.

We had a great night. I’m already planning for next year – if I stick with it – but it will be awesome. And next Halloween is on a Saturday!

#microblogmondays Halloweeening is happening

One thing I’ve learned about us is we go all out for Halloween. I might buy cupcakes for birthdays but have no problem making elaborate Halloween costumes. Rob and I do them together. I do the sewing he does the gadgetry and painting/sculpting.
The biggest thing I’ve noticed in our differencing approaches is I’m willing to sacrifice some detail to do it as cheaply and creatively as possible. Rob is an artist (and perfectionist) and would rather spend a bit more to make it perfect.
This year we are recycling parts of the Marshmallow Man for Caleb. I will need to get some white fleece to make his under suit. Simon will be his Ghostbuster. I’m making a jumpsuit. Rob is making the semi-working proton pack. Even if they don’t live it we will.
Rob says he’s not dressing up this year. But I’m making a cape so I can carry my wand from Hogsmeade.
I love Halloween.

Can I have a lot of them?


“Can I have a lot of them?” is what Simon said at most of the houses instead of “Trick-or-Treat.” But he caught on pretty fast the whole knock-on-a-door-get-lots-of-candy concept. And he wore his costume the whole time. A Halloween Miracle.

We went with a friend from Simon’s class and picked up the kids early so that we could be started by 5. It was a little bit of a rough start, but we got Simon into his costume (except for the mask). His friend was half monster/half batman. They had a class party and we left them in their pj costumes from school under their costumes.

We stopped to see my friend Erika (Lucille Ball) on our way to the block of Garden’s Houses. The boys weren’t sure what to think, but then they realized CANDY! LET’S EAT IT! And the slow start was over and they were into it. I’m glad I took a few minutes to sew this little candy bag from the bottom of an old pair of jeans. We got a LOT of candy.

IMG_5877 IMG_5879IMG_5902

IMG_5905 IMG_5907 IMG_5918 IMG_5917

After two blocks and 90 minutes the two kids were zonked and high on sugar. So we called it a night. My goal was two blocks and two hours, so I was totally cool with skipping the last third of the second block. Our neighborhood gets seriously crazy with everyone coming out in costume to trick-or-treat.

IMG_5895 IMG_5893

We even got one of the whole family.


I love this little Ninja Turtle.


I also love Halloween, but I’m glad it only happens one night a year.