#MicroblogMondays: the Met

Last month my mom and sister came to visit with my niece. They had a companion flight that was about to expire, so it was the perfect last minute fun. We took the kids to the Met one day. This is the first time we’ve been where Simon is old enough to kind of get it. We made it about three hours (including an overpriced lunch) so I was impressed. We saw Egypt and a good portion of the American Wing.

IMG_5446Heard from Simon:

“Mom, this is the same Egypt that Sherman and Mr. Peabody went to!”

“I’m scared to touch it (one of the things you were allowed to touch) what if the mummy comes to life?

“This place is amazing!”

“Mom, mom, come look at this one. It’s beautiful.”

IMG_5441I can’t wait to go back.

Spring Happenings

The spring has brought lots of family fun and the continuation of “Adventures” around the city. Simon loves to go on Adventures – which can be just about anything new or travel worthy. To get around the city we’ve been making good use of the MacLaren (lightweight stroller) for one kid and wearing the other.

Kokadi Firebirds

Simon was worn in the Ergo his first 15 months of life, then when I got a Kinderpack, the Ergo became Rob’s. With Caleb I fell in love with the cozyness of the Moby wrap and have caught the woven wrap bug. I bought a long one (above) and made a shorty from a tablecloth. To break it in and make it softer to tie we did some hammock play.



IMG_1521IMG_1454Oh the love of babywearing. And Simon is getting back in on the action saying HE wants to ride in the backpack and Caleb wants the stroller.


Some of our recent adventures were visiting the Intrepid Museum, brunch, and Simon’s first movie. Rob took Simon to the Intrepid last fall, but I’d never been.


So we packed up and traveled cross town to the pier. Simon liked the Helicopters and the Space Shuttle Enterprise.


We went inside where Simon got to crawl in a helicopter.


Rob and I want to go back sans kids to tour the submarine and the Concord.


Brunch isn’t really a novel adventure, but it is a family tradition and our favorite meal. Rob and I did have brunch at our wedding after all. This is Caleb’s second brunch – both at Queens comfort which is our absolute favorite. Our rules are get there early and order fast.





Rob took off / worked from home last week while I was at my workshop. Since Simon is home on Mondays they went to the local cheap theater and saw Simon’s First Movie, Rio 2. He liked it and since the theater was empty – one other mom and kid – Simon could ask questions and run around and Caleb could fuss without a problem.




Simon talks all the time. His new thing is to take a picture then ask to see it. His response to pictures is always the same – awww that’s so cute. He cracks me up. I’m not sure when these next two were taken, but we were on the balcony and Simon said “Look at the beautiful sunset. Take a picture.” So here you go!



And one more set, because even though he cracks me up he has his moments. This was the park after church one week. All he could say was “I don’t want to slide.” So home for nap we went.




And those are our recent happenings.


Adventures in Brooklyn

Friday I attempted a day that could have gone so very badly. But we got lucky, the rain stayed away and the boys stayed (mostly) happy. Since Simon wasn’t with me when I took Caleb in to meet Robs office a few weeks ago I decided to try a trip with both kids to the office and hit the Transit Museum beforehand. At the last minute I added a meetup with blog friends in the afternoon.
The NYC Transit Museum, I’d really like to visit one day sans kids and actually read everything. Simon just likes running trough all the old trains. And driving the bus!



On the way out we stopped in the gift shop and bought a new track piece. Simon was so excited to show Daddy. Of course he fell asleep about three minutes from the office during the walk over. But we took a little rest and said hi. And Daddy got to show off Caleb a little.

For lunch we went to Chipotle. The only reason I don’t like going to ouch with Daddy is everything in Downtown Brooklyn is so CROWDED which is just unpleasant when dining with children. But 90% of the Chipotle lunch crowd was high school students (two tables worth of who brought in their food from the ever crowded shake shack grrr…) so who cares about small children. We even shared a table with two boys who spent the endnote their lunch leaning over the table of friends next to us. This was also the site of our only meltdown when Simon inexplicably started crying and couldn’t stop. I think because he was so tired. The wind in his face woke him from what turned out to be a very brief nap.

After lunch we hopped on the train to Gowanus which is not Park Slope and went to a cafe with a toddler play space to meet up with two blog friends and their kiddos. Simon played with two big kids (who were much to big for the space and much to rough but cest la vie) while M slept and the mamas held the babies and got to chat in person. This was so much fun and I do hope we can do it again. So much fun I realized on the train home there was no photographic evidence. So me and Simon took a selfie on the train.

And since I prefer not to carry the stroller with the child down stairs and risk killing us all and Simon is totally capable… He was so proud to be “I doin’ it myself” with out holding my hand and “you go down mama.” So this all worked.

And finally home we got to play trains and use the new track he’d carried lovingly all day long.

The end>

the monday snapshot – Sunday Adventures

I am teaching on Sunday’s this semester. I doubled my course load in order to be off in the spring – which is great for having a baby and not so great for all of the fun things to do on fall weekends. Rob and Simon have been going on “Adventures” every Sunday. This weekend they went to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum (love love love our reciprocal museum membership) and got to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise.



At first I was a little jealous that they’ve been doing all these cool things. But then I realized I could have done this stuff too during the week all summer. We went to the park – and I’m ok with that. But I am going to try and go do more.

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