Month 1: January 2019

January flew by. Some observations.
We did the new years clean out and a major reorganization. Our apartment isn’t exactly clean, but I’m really focusing on keeping my workspaces clear and useful. We spent a lot of time at Home Depot (more on this to come)

I’m committing myself to blogging at least once a month. It’s out in the universe.

I chopped off all my hair.

I have some work travel for conferences and such coming up this spring, and did not get nearly enough done to prepare for these this month.

Simon lost his first tooth.

The boys have had to learn that cold doesn’t necessarily mean snow, and it feels like we are the only place in the country that hasn’t had snow.

There has been rock climbing. And lots of knitting.

I started cooking. For years, I just haven’t. But I got a Whole30 Slow Cooker and Instant Pot. I am not doing Whole30 at this time. Maybe when we get back from our February vacation. But I am enjoying the meals we’ve tried so far. I’m finding some nice alone time while prepping the pots.

My mom came to visit for a long weekend. We went to see Anastasia through Broadway Roulette. The boys had a great time staying in a hotel with her for two nights. We also went to Target on the day it was 10 out. Which turned out to be a nice place to walk around and kill a couple of hours. The boys looked at every toy in the toy section.

We also were down a week with the flu. We don’t get sick often and my kids rarely have fevers, so days at 103 was tough. They watched way too much tv, but are back to normal now.

Work got extra busy because of all the sick days, and I spent the end of the month just keeping up.

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