#microblogmondays – Little Slice of Perfect

Microblog_MondaysMother’s Day weekend holds the significance of coinciding with the local plant sale and date to plant my little urban garden. This year I was able to get all of my plants at the sale. I have three heirloom cherry tomatoes, a variety of herbs to go in my new herb tower, and a variety of flowers. I downsized and got rid of a planter to make more play space for the kids, but after seeing their joy of digging last week, I left them one pot of dirt. With the outdoor speaker and our new globe lights the balcony is our favorite place to sit/eat/play right now. Hoping for many more days out here. And tomatoes!IMG_3680IMG_3681

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Just an ordinary day

Today’s Monday Adventure is brought to you as just an ordinary day. We had a big weekend so I wanted to stay close to home. This morning Simon requested watching Rio and playing tracks. So we did. 20140519-165126-60686990.jpg Then a couple hours at the park where he rode tricycles and played with the diggers in the sandbox. Home for lunch and a little rest then we planted. I went out last night and got our plants. This year we have 3 different tomatoes, chocolate mint, sweet mint, cinnamon basil, purple basil, lavender, begonias, marigolds, and the fuzzy one (which was without label but may be called lambs ear?) 20140519-165218-60738728.jpg 20140519-165218-60738450.jpg Other than the tomatoes which needed big pots (and the 2 strawberry plants and flower in 3 others) I let simon determine which plants went where. He would be a better helper if he weren’t quite so excited as listening and waiting until I had a hole ready would have been smoother. But we had fun and are looking forward to enjoying our Sumer balcony time. Because it is TIME! 20140519-165319-60799777.jpg Gratuitous Caleb pic since he was with us all day too.



I know it’s a bit early from gardening.  But last weekend felt downright springlike.  And today too.  I mean it’s 35 outside, and NOT windy or snow/ice/sleet/raining.  Relative to the single digits and weather we have had lately, I say it qualifies.

Last summer Rob had the idea that he wanted to plant berries in our balcony garden.  I told him it wouldn’t work, but go for it.  Strawberry seeds were bought and planted, and started to grow.  In the fall they were ready to be thinned and transplanted.  Lucky for us we brought the pot inside sometime in November before crazy snow started, so the plants survived.  The transplant pot however didn’t come in until about 3 weeks ago, and then we had to wait for the dirt to thaw.  And last week, we started this summer’s garden.

Six decent size plants in two pots.  Will they bear fruit?  It might still be another year before we know, but for now the green is nice.  Ahh, dreaming of my spring time planting and my summer garden.

**baby news coming soon.   I am trying to not be baby only all the time.

How does your garden grow?

Very well thank you despite the crazy heat.  Parsley and basil were again a big hit.
The lettuce do ok… and the mint (in the hanging planter was a bust).  I think next year I will do a whole container of basil because it’s easy, it smells nice, we USE it, and if I grow enough I can make pesto.  I’m currently undecided if I will grow from seeds or plants.  The seeds ended up doing pretty well, so we’ll see.  I may do lettuce again, or try mint with the parsley.  The bigger problem there was that the wind (on the 6th floor) destroys anything in the hanging planter.  That one need to say good-bye.
The tomatoes, which I thought were a failure are making a comeback.  There are two tiny ones and a second big one growing (this is a total of 5 small and two large for the year).  I’m wondering if it was maybe just too hot and I didn’t water them enough…  Either way I am definitely switching back to the grape tomatoes next year.  They were awesome and I want to go with what I know works, until then, I will enjoy these new little guys that are growing and hope they ripen before it gets too cold.
Rob’s strawberry experiment seems to have worked at least a little.  The plants are thriving.  But they really need to be thinned out and I don’t know if we should bring this one in for the winter.  I am of the opinion you don’t grow berries in a container garden, so this one is all Rob, but if anyone has advice we’ll take it.  There is also something random growing in here.  Should definitely pull that one up.
My flowers were nice for about two weeks, then one shriveled up and the violet is still leafy, but never flowered again.  I don’t have the motivation to switch them for fall flowers.  I need to find a good potted flower that isn’t high maintenance and lasts the entire summer.  If I can’t, then I need to stick with green things.  I have much better luck with the edibles.
Happy October!  Can you believe it is October!