A DVD Story

At Christmas we try to limit the “stuff” on our gift lists. But DVDs are a common item that does get added. We rarely buy them for ourselves, and they are easy to transport, an important concept when you travel by plane. This year Transformers 2 was on the list. And my dear sister got it for us! She mentioned that she was surprised at how expensive it was.

Because it was a Blu-ray…

So Rob got the receipt and we were going to exchange it for a DVD – and use the difference for me to buy a feather headband (pics to come).

But when we went to Best buy. Rob decided that there was a better fix for the mistaken Blu-ray. Can you guess where I am going with this…

Yes, we now own a Blu-ray drive.

Last weekend Rob spent a morning installing the new drive. Along with an updated video card that has really helped our tv run. Oh, and for Christmas Rob got a new projector for cheap, this one plays 3D video (oh the joys) and we donated the old one. We are so updated on electronics for at least 6 months. Bring on the Blu-ray.

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