Blanket Shawl

or more things you can make with a yard or so of fabric.

I scored big at Old Navy the day after Christmas and bought another coat to convert to a baby-wearing coat for a friend. The coat was black and while waiting in line I saw these buffalo plaid blankets on clearance and made the comment to my mom that the pattern would be pretty for the coat “pocket.” My mom then made the excellent point that I should buy and use the blanket since at $5 I wasn’t going to get much cheaper and now I wouldn’t have to go to the fabric store.

I cut off the strip of fabric needed and made the coat but had big plans for the rest of the blanket. At home especially I tend to get cold when sitting and typing all day and have been known to wear my robe or work on the couch under blankets. This doesn’t work so well though out of the house and I thought the rest of the blanket would make a perfect shawl. I was right. In answer to a facebook friend who asked when I posted about this yesterday “does this involve wrapping a blanket around you in a shawl like fashion?” Well yes, mostly.

IMG_3084I laid the blanket on the floor then cut it to a trianglish shape. Fleece doesn’t need to be hemmed so it’s done. And warm and portable for the win!

IMG_3087Then I cut the leftover triangle into strips, sewed them together, and now my friend has a matching scarf.

The other thing I made recently with scrap fleece was this IU carrier cover. I never did post about our trip to the IU vs. Rutgers football game. But it was fun. And with a yard of fleece, some red felt, and some iron on velcro I whipped this up in under an hour.


One of my 2015 goals is more sewing.

If I grow big & strong, then I can use the drill?

This is the question that has been asked approximately 1,597,486 since last January when we built the bunk beds. Every time we tell him he has to eat vegetables (or any food really) to help him grow big and strong he says “so I can use the drill?” Tools hold great fascination. This weekend he finally got his wish. Of course he decided it was too loud, so he put on his headphones to help make it quiet. And Caleb of course had to get in on the action because anything anyone else is doing is 100% more interesting than whatever he was doing.

The project was a kid-height coat rack. We have a coat closet, but we like easier access for things we reach for multi-daily in the winter. Rob and I hang our coats on hooks on our bedroom door. The kids’ coats have been going up there with ours or more often put on the stroller or the changing table or where ever we happened to take them off. This leads to much frustration of “WHERE IS HIS COAT?” every time we leave the apartment. It was time for a place and putting it kid height means Simon at least can have full responsibility.


Finding the bit
Finding the bit


More drilling
More drilling


Front hall updated
Front hall updated

#microblogmondays – the sicks

I had a totally different post planned for today. But well, the best laid plans you know…


Last week was really kind of awful. I had massive computer troubles. And I got sick. Really sick, as in I actually went to urgent care after spending half of Thursday in bed. I told the doctor I had strep. He gave me a list of reasons I didn’t, but was probably some other infection. Then strep test positive. SO, with my strange presentation I got the good drugs. I spent all day Friday resting and by Saturday was able to move around without getting dizzy. I’m feeling much better.

But, of course there is a but, the kids are sick. Again. I really am lucky, and thankful that up until recently I’ve had really really healthy kids. Simon has been sick (as in needing antibiotics) seven times in his life that I can think of and two of those were pink eye, so he felt fine. And he’s really ok now, just feeling a little cruddy with a cough he’s had for a couple of months of which I’m pretty sure is the cold from Caleb’s croup, and I don’t really mind the extra snuggles. The whining I could do without, but I’m pretty sure that’s a 3 yo thing and not a sick thing.

Caleb was well until daycare at 6.5 months and I knew we’d get the general daycare crap. But the ER visit and this past week’s fever and scream fest has not made for the best of times. He has slept more than 2 hours overnight about 5 times since the ER visit. The cough still hasn’t really gone away. And last night holding his feverish little body while he nursed for over an hour was really sad. Rob is taking him to the doc today. I want them to test for strep just in case and hopefully the little man will be better soon.

As much as we are in the middle of it now, I am truly grateful that I do have mostly healthy kids because once we kick this I’m hoping we are good to go for a few months at least.

PS – new thought, wonder if the fever is teething related as C still has no teeth?!