#microblogmondays (on Tuesday): the library card

Microblog_MondaysI moved to NYC for the first time in June 2004. I had an internship for the summer (I moved here for real the next spring). One of the first things I did upon arrival with proof of my temporary city address was to get a library card. The New York Public Library is a magical place. And the main building, now a research library upstairs and the children’s library in the basement, has always been one of my favorite buildings. For the last few years my primary library borrowing has been in the form of e-books. And somewhere in the last few months I’ve misplaced my library card. The one I’ve had for more than 10 years. I realized this three weeks ago when I went to check out an actual, physical, book that I’d put on hold. I was able to check out the book with my ID, but today when I returned it – I got a new card. The new card is a different color with a new design. And I was told to cut up my old card if I find it. A new card for the next decade I guess.