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Rob has watched video podcasts for years, and there were a few I watched with him, but I didn’t have my own podcasts until I heard about Serial last fall. Thank you Twitter. I downloaded the podcast app and we listened to the entire series on our drive from NYC to Indiana and back over Christmas. I have a few others I listen to, one about kids and tech, On Being (spiritual), and the Gilmore Guys.

Gilmore Guys is a podcast where two guys (in their 20s) are watching every episode of Gilmore Girls (one of my all time favorite shows) and talking about them. I binge listened through the first couple of seasons to get caught up and honestly, I think it was ok that I skipped a few of the first season episodes as they were still finding their stride. Overall I like listening, they make me laugh. Sometimes they make me hate the show a little as I never watched it critically to talk about. And I always want to respond to something they say either because I agree completely or that I had such a totally different take on a scene or situation.

Then they did a live show in LA. Then at the ATX Festival in Texas. And tonight, tonight is the first of three live shows in NYC and I have a ticket. I’m going by myself (some social anxiety about that) and am totally excited.

If you had a chance to go see a podcast recording live, what would it be?

Also, if you like Gilmore Girls, you should listen to the Gilmore Guys.


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2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: the podcast

  1. Definitely Welcome to Night Vale. We’re a big Welcome to Night Vale family. I also like Reply All, Mystery Show, and Nerdist (in small doses). Oh also 92Y Talks. And Dinner Party Download sometimes. For a lot of the interview shows, it depends upon the guest.

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