#microblogmondays: unplugging

I feel like I have nothing to say lately. But it’s not because we aren’t busy, we are busy with life. Working, and playing. We went on vacation last week and I TURNED OFF MY PHONE for most of it. I deleted Facebook from my phone – I did keep the groups app because I moderate in a couple of groups, but so much easier to check in to the group a couple of times a day and not see the rest of it. It’s been freeing. I miss this space and I’m still here, but the break has been nice. I’m contemplating trying to post every day in September… but since that is tomorrow, we’ll see…

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2 thoughts on “#microblogmondays: unplugging

  1. We’ve missed you. It’s nice to have the check-in — thank you. Though I totally get turning off your phone, too. Especially the time sucks vs. the things that enhance your life.

  2. I see you are NOT posting every day in September, like you thought you might! 🙂
    I need photos of your life pleeeease!!

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