Just an ordinary day

Today’s Monday Adventure is brought to you as just an ordinary day. We had a big weekend so I wanted to stay close to home. This morning Simon requested watching Rio and playing tracks. So we did. 20140519-165126-60686990.jpg Then a couple hours at the park where he rode tricycles and played with the diggers in the sandbox. Home for lunch and a little rest then we planted. I went out last night and got our plants. This year we have 3 different tomatoes, chocolate mint, sweet mint, cinnamon basil, purple basil, lavender, begonias, marigolds, and the fuzzy one (which was without label but may be called lambs ear?) 20140519-165218-60738728.jpg 20140519-165218-60738450.jpg Other than the tomatoes which needed big pots (and the 2 strawberry plants and flower in 3 others) I let simon determine which plants went where. He would be a better helper if he weren’t quite so excited as listening and waiting until I had a hole ready would have been smoother. But we had fun and are looking forward to enjoying our Sumer balcony time. Because it is TIME! 20140519-165319-60799777.jpg Gratuitous Caleb pic since he was with us all day too.


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