What Rob Did: Monkey’s Paradise

We took our first family trip this week, up to Saratoga Springs to visit my cousins in their trailer in the woods.  Of course Simon was coming, a second use for the car seat, and we had the conversation of what to do with the rabbit.  We have two usual options, 1) pack him up and drop him off with Josh, a huge pain for us, or 2) leave him home and have Josh or someone come feed him each day, a pain for them.  Peggi and Tyrone have 2 dogs and 4 birds, so we decided to just bring him along to join the menagerie.  Monkey and the dogs met last Thanksgiving and were fine together.  But since they did spook each other a bit and the trailer and porch have lots of hidey holes for a rabbit Rob did what he’s been wanting to for awhile.  He bought a lead for Monkey.  It wraps around his neck and under his front legs keeping him secure.  The rationale was so Monkey could be out on the porch without getting stuck in a hidey hole or darting away from a curious dog.

But what he really wanted to do was take Monkey for a walk.  Outside.  In the wild woods.  I don’t know why this made me so anxious, but it did.  However, after the first time when I saw it was fine I stopped worrying an Monkey got twice daily walks.  He found a fern grove just outside the porch and made a beeline for it as soon as his little feet hit the ground.  he even chewed himself a clearing.

 Rob and Monkey and Peggi had such a good time on these walks.  I think Monkey is probably the saddest of all of us to be home again.  It means back to his cage.

And just so you can see how fast he is.  Here are some videos.

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