For the last three months (since the day I got engaged actually) I have been painting and redecorating Rob’s apartment (with his help) to make it ours. This weekend we spent 4 straight days on the living room and are DONE! There are some minor organization things to take care of, but the apartment is finished. Here is the living room.

The before / during picture. See the tv on the right edge…it is gone. (there are some true before pictures in my Thanksgiving post.)
The final product. The fancy new screen for the projector and the room did a 180. And Monkey got a new home under the pinball machine, which doubles as a crafting table.
Where the TV used to be. We gained so much space.
You can see my “office” in the background.

Photographer I am not

I saw in a magazine recently some photos of three rings, (the engagement and wedding bands) I thought it was in Martha Stewart Weddings, but now I can’t find the article. But there were some cool photos of the rings on rocks and plants, and just in some interesting combinations. I tried to do the same. I am really excited about the wedding bands we bought. Our rings are all from different places, and each is unique. I attempted my own photo shoot, with my point and shoot camera. Rings are a tough subject, but I think you can get the general idea.

PS – Tomorrow Rob and I will have been engaged for three months. Is that all it has been? It feels like forever (in a good way) that it is time to get married and we have such a long time to wait. Three more months. But it also feels like we’ve been together for so much more than a year.

Quotes of the Day

Today we went to New Jersey to interview kids and find out what they know. Here are some gems? My questions are in italics.

How can you tell it’s Spring?
Look outside.
Leaves coming out.

How do you take care of plants?
Seeds then water! And sunshine.
Will it grow in the closet?
Why not?
Nothing grows in the closet.

What can you tell me about trees?
Things grow on trees.
Poison Apples.
Trees grow on flowers.

What lives in a tree?
Squirrels. Ants. Spiders. Birds. Leaves.

What kinds of things come from trees?
Leaves. Pickles. Apples and berries. Plants. Pickles. Flowers.

What kinds of things are made out of wood?

What is recycling?
You do it by yourself.
When you watch a movie.
The old stuff goes to somebody else.
You give it to old grandmas and grandpas.
Throw it in the dumpster.