Quotes of the Day

Today we went to New Jersey to interview kids and find out what they know. Here are some gems? My questions are in italics.

How can you tell it’s Spring?
Look outside.
Leaves coming out.

How do you take care of plants?
Seeds then water! And sunshine.
Will it grow in the closet?
Why not?
Nothing grows in the closet.

What can you tell me about trees?
Things grow on trees.
Poison Apples.
Trees grow on flowers.

What lives in a tree?
Squirrels. Ants. Spiders. Birds. Leaves.

What kinds of things come from trees?
Leaves. Pickles. Apples and berries. Plants. Pickles. Flowers.

What kinds of things are made out of wood?

What is recycling?
You do it by yourself.
When you watch a movie.
The old stuff goes to somebody else.
You give it to old grandmas and grandpas.
Throw it in the dumpster.

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