Another Milestone

Two months to go! That is all that is left until I am Mrs. Powers. That is so weird to think. We bought plane tickets the other day to go to Indiana in October. I bought mine under Kasey Powers. It’s official.

Two big things happened this past week, wedding related. The first was that we got our invitations. So Rob and I spent an evening addressing envelopes. Then we got ready to stuff them…and what do you know, the invites were TOO BIG! This just would not do. So Daily sent me a copy of the order where the printing company said they would make them larger to fit the envelopes better. So I header to the printer. Lucky for me, it wasn’t a big deal. I showed them that the invite didn’t fit, and they trimmed them for me. I only had to wait a few minutes.

So Rob and I stuff and stamp, and double check that names are spelled correctly, and off to the post office we go. I drop all of the invites in the box, and am I ever glad we had to wait in line to pick up our new blender part (Rob cracked the old jar) Because as I am standing in line looking at the new Sinatra stamps…I notice 42 cents. Wait aren’t stamps 41 cents??? So we get to the window and ask, and in May (take note here) the price of postage WAS RAISED TO 42 CENTS! Now I recall no mention of this on the news, and saw no signs on the post office walls that this would be happening. And when I bought 100 41 cent wedding stamps in March there was no mention to me that the price of stamps would soon be rising. So the postal workers had to go to the box and pull out ALL of my invitations so that I could put penny stamps on.

I was quite upset about this. I mean really, if I had known the envelopes were going to need two stamps, I would have just used forever stamps and not the pretty one and saved a penny. The bright side is I didn’t have all of the invites returned to me.

Number two: We finally got all of the ingredients for the wedding favors. If you don’t know, I will tell you this, they involve chocolate. So there are like 20 pounds of chocolate chips in the apartment. Sitting out of any sunlight (I know how to not melt chocolate) Unfortunately, no air conditioner mixed with a heat wave of 100 (The apartment was 89) chocolate still melts. So now I have 20 pounds of slightly melted chocolate in my fridge. I am thinking I should have re-thought using chocolate for and August wedding. Too late now.

Two months to go.

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