My Favorite Place

It’s summer in New York. I think. Yesterday it was cold and rainy. Today it is rainy and humid and feels like about 90 degrees outside. My hair is crazy. Yesterday I forgot a folder I was supposed to drop off. So I had to bring it in today, on my day to work from home. I don’t work from home well, I tend to do a lot more baking than working, so it’s not a total loss. Since I had to come to the city anyhow, I decided to finally utilize one of my favorite places and work from the New York Public Library – the big one, with the lions, on 42nd street. They have wireless now, they didn’t use too. But last week I came in one day to kill an hour and read for a bit (so I guess this is really my second time to use the reading room) and saw that there is now wireless! I mean I CAN work on my laptop without the internet, but what fun is that, you can’t take a pre-work break to blog without the internet.

So today I sit on the third floor of the library, at a table with claw feet and specialty tabletop plugs, and I work. I am entering data, and writing a report, and answering all of the email I have allowed to pile up this week. And if I look up there is the plaster made to look like wood molding with paintings of sun peeking through the clouds. And BOOKS everywhere books. Definitely my favorite place to be right now.

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