Bridal Shower

I have been terribly remiss in my blogging the last couple of weeks. June was a VERY busy month for me. The goal is to catch up on a couple of important items now, and then post every day this week to get caught up to July. Oh my goodness how can it be July already. The wedding is right around the corner, I have so much to do still, but I want it to get here already.

I went home to Indiana two weekends ago (June 20 – 22) for family bridal showers. Thanks to my Aunts Alison and Cynde, and of course my sister and mom, for making it a great weekend and throwing some pretty awesome parties.

Saturday Alison and Emily threw me a pool party bridal shower. You just can’t go wrong here, especially for me who hasn’t been to a pool in YEARS! Some aunts, cousins, and some of mom’s friends showed up. There was some wedding bingo, present opening, swimming, and my favorite eating Rob’s face! (on my cake)…pictures below:
I can’t quite figure out how to get the pictures in a straight line like I’d like (any suggestions) but her we have: my piece of cake, me eating Rob’s face, and Emily eating my face while I eat Rob’s. It was a photo cake if you haven’t figured it out.

Then on Sunday Aunt Cynde and Mom threw me a shower with my mom’s family. So many cousins and aunts! What I realized as people showed up was that I haven’t seen most of this family in about six years! I was touched that everyone showed up. Also at this party four of my friends from college came down. Sara, Kaylene, Kari, and Kirsten. Here is a picture of all but Kari (she left early) on the couch.
Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you for a great weekend.

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