New Mexico, part 2

On Tuesday we had a breakfast of english muffins and hot cocoa. (The first night we made a quick trip to the grocery for cocoa and sugar, two things every household should never be without.) Then Mary and I took Valerie shopping for some boots, so we could hike some. She got some UGG like boots with “LOVE” on the backs from Marshalls. She is so stylin’ now.

After breakfast and shopping I made come candy (gotta love the cocoa) then we went for a short walk / hike in the snow covered foot hills of the mountain. Somehow we found the perfect mix of exercise and relaxation.

After lunch we went to Old Town Albuquerque for some shopping and sightseeing. We went to the old church there and saw the nativities and walked through some of the galleries and stores. There is so much artwork to be found. And everything is decorated for Christmas.Then when it got dark we went to the botanic garden for the Christmas light show. All the trees have lights. And there are hundreds of mechanical lawn lights. I liked the elephants that sprayed water on each other – of course that one we didn’t get a picture of…

For dinner we had some authentic Mexican food. The first restaurant had a super-long wait so we went to the back-up. The food was pretty good, but the memorable part were the sopaipas. These fried dough pieces that you fill with honey are one of the most delicious foods I’ve ever eaten. Yum! (There is much talk of food in these posts from our trip, but we ate oh so well.)

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