Terribly Remis

So I have slacked off on my post a day. I have no excuse really none at all. It is hard to take a picture a day of something new and exciting. And my mom told me no fair posting fromteh archives – as she didn’t read the post explaining that I was not making buckeyes this year – and thought I had been busy.

So I spent a few mornings this week babysitting the lovely little Chloe and helping Michelle out some. On Tuesday we went to the playground. Chloe loves the slide and swings. And for added entertainment we saw a dog chasing the mailman and he climbed onto a porch pillar until said dog’s human came to rescue the mailman. High comedy I tell you. I’ve only ever read about this phenomenon of dog vs. mailman, now I’ve seen it in action.

Then Wednesday through Friday I got to work. And how I have missed my job. We tested a show about Astronomy. When asked what kinds of things you see when you look in outer space one kid said “heaven.”

I have an action packed weekend ahead where one of my cousins will be visiting and I will be finishing Christmas shopping, the little I’m doing this year. And next week back to my life of unemployment and job hunting.

I will try for more pictures. I want to finish my advent. I wonder if I can figure out how to back post???

I figured it out! Days 9 – 13 are posted on the 14th but dated so it looks like they are all in order. Sweet! (except for this one – which I actually posted on the 12th but updated on the 14th. TMI – probably.

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