Day Fourteen – Weekend Update

Krystle and Rob on the ponies.

So Krystle arrived on Saturday afternoon. We dropped her bag off at the apartment and headed back to Manhattan for some New York cuisine. To Ninth Avenue we went for Krystle’s first taste of Thai food. I think she’s a covert to it’s deliciousness. Then we walked over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree at night. (no pics – oops) Then to St. Patrick’s (see day 10) and Sak’s (day 12). Oh! and we got chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries on a stick for desert before heading home again.

Then today. We started the day by going to Central Park. But the N train just kept not coming, so we walked to the R train. And we saw the special holiday old train. So cool! So we got on even though it wasn’t going to the stop we wanted. We got to ride a car from 1931.

Note the “real” fans on the ceiling used for ventilation.

After getting off the train, we walked up to Central Park, and saw the skating rink, and the carousel. Oh how we love the carousel. Here are some pictures of that, even though it’s not really Christmas.

And then to Chinatown! Where we walked canal street. Then ate at Wo-hop, where we get the best chinese food ever. And then we had some purses to buy (see newer post). Mission accomplished.

We headed home to rest a bit before dinner. We went to the Jackson Diner in Queens for some Indian food, another first for Krystle.

Overall a busy but fun day. And Krystle enjoyed the taste of Asia.

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