Spring Is in the Air

It sure feels like it anyhow at a sunny 52 outside. A far cry from my last post with all the snow.

(pic from Brooklyn Botanical Garden 2006)

Rob and I went out this morning for a bakery breakfast where we clipped coupons from the bakery newspaper – a good tip if you don’t get the paper delivered. And then headed to Stop and Shop for the weekly groceries. It was warmer than expected, but there was a little drizzle. We discussed how we need to pull out the dead plants from our planters and turn the soil – maybe mixing in some rabbit droppings from our very own rabbit to make the soil more fertile to plant something in a couple of months.
As we left the grocery the sun was shining, and only a light wind. That is a big change as the wind has been killer. Last night was warmish, but I was still bundled up. Today though, I unbuttoned my coat and kept the gloves off. When we got home, first thing was to turn off the heat and open the door to the balcony. When you get a chance you have to air out the apartment. It’s amazing how warm it feels in here today at 62 when I’m usually under a blanket at our normal winter temp of 68.
Ah, it’s these days that I cherish because even though I know spring is a ways away, and that there is a good chance of frigid weather soon, at least I remember that it is a possibility.

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