How to avoid a To Do list

Well last night I got home early and planned to read for 30 minutes then start on that list I made. But 30 minutes turned into 90 and then Rob got home and took me on a date. We went to this cafe coffee shop down the street that has a Monday – Friday Wine Down Special. So we got a bottle of wine and a cheese plate. Followed up with some chocolate cake. Came home and decided that it had been a long week and went to bed at 9:30.

This morning we slept in then went to the grocery. Item #7 CHECK! Made it home, put a pot roast on in the crock pot and headed to Williamsburg for brunch with the church friends. Brunch was nice. I meant to bring my camera so I’d have a picture to post, but I forgot. After brunch we really didn’t want to come home and tackle the rest of the to do list, so we decided to walk through the park on the way to the subway. Then when we got to the station (Nassau G) said – it’s a nice day, lets walk a little farther, so we walked up Manhattan Ave. Then I said why don’t we just walk all the way up to the 7, like we used to to go to church before it moved. So we walked up Manhattan to Green Street and over to McGuiness and across teh Pulaski Bridge. Now in Queens Rob says lets walk over to 45th road (two stops further on the 7, but not really that far because of teh crazy turns the train makes) and see if we can find the MoMA PS1 that is over there. Up for still not tackling the To Do list I agree.

We walk and find it! And there is no door. But as we are walking around the building, there is a gate. And through the gate is a courtyard with PF1 or Public Farm 1. The summer outdoor exhibing is Urban Farming. There is this elaborate and cool cardboard garden suspended in the air full of herbs and vegetables and flowers. Very cool. Then we went in to the museum. And since the fall exhibits open on Monday, half of the exhibit halls are closed for installation, so the normally $5 admission is free. This is good, so we go in. And PS1 is an extension of MoMA and houses truly modern art. Like all created in the last couple of years, making a social statement that I don’t really get, one giant piece per room, modern art. Not really my thing, but an interesting experience.

After the museum, we finally get on the train for the last five stops. Why didn’t we walk you ask? Because in my bag I had our subway books, “Harry Potter 4” and “Something Blue” and books are heavy, and I’d been carrying them for over an hour. So on the subway we went, and got home and sat on the couch and took a nap for two hours.

Upon awaking the To Do list must get done. So Rob starts on the bedroom. He got his nightstand and beside (which wasn’t even on the list but needed to happen) cleaned. And tackeled the top of the dresser and floor. Number 4 – not quite I still have to hit the chair.

I did finish the dishes – but now we ate dinner so there are more…must do dishes again tonight. But #5 Recycling CHECK. Did this one.

Rob put away the laundry still on the rack from last week, but we didn’t get around to doing this weeks load yet. I don’t think that really counts. And I put away the make-up, hair stuff, etc. that clutters the bathroom, but that doesn’t really count as cleaning either. I did clean off my desk and start a gathering of stuff for grad school, but still have to write that statement.

I am seeing a pattern. Little things to pave the way, and cleaning (sweeping the living room floor, throwing out junk mail) things that always get done. The impression of working hard, yet still not tackling the To Do List. Oh, and I haven’t entered the office / my closet yet today. And now. I’m beat, so I think Rob and I are going to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

To Do List – I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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