Last weekend Dad was in Boston for the marathon (he was not running), so Rob and I took a Bolt bus up. We love the Bolt bus because of the cheapish price and the on board electrical outlets and wi-fi. I can’t be without the internet for too long.
We had a great weekend visiting – here are some pics. And there is only one of an old building. Who wants to look at pictures of old buildings, but on the other hand how can you go to Boston and not get pictures of old buildings…

Rob and I in front of the Old South Meeting house.
Independence Hall
Dad and I at Kingfish Hall where we ate.

Dad being goofy.

A passing Duck Boat. The tour was lots of fun. I went on one back in 2003 when I was living in Boston, and it is just as much fun as I remember. I mean its a truck AND a boat, and the crazy driver telling you all about Boston, some I which I am pretty sure is made up, but my radar isn’t so good on that.

Rob and I on the tour. See how cold we are.
April in Boston is COLD. And we were outside in the wind AND on the water. I had the perfect windblown hair going though. And Rob is all bundled up.
Aunt Mary – the coat was the best gift! It is light enough for spring, and so warm and toasty to keep me warm in the wind.

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