Only in New York…

..can you go to the library and share an elevator with a man dressed in drag, (mini-skirt, fishnets, heels, etc…) who starts changing from heels to more suitable walking shoes…and no one bats an eye. So weird!

Easter Hat Parade

A tradition that dates back to at least the 1890’s and started with people walking around and admiring (or showing off) the Easter finery which includes the Easter hat. It takes place on Fifth Avenue from 47th to 57th streets – in front of all the big churches. Today the Continue Reading

Another insurance update

For those keeping track. Over the last two weeks we got back the overpaid insurance money (what we paid for insurance that we didn’t have) The total $131.I called two weeks ago and was told that my insurance claims check had been mailed. I didn’t receive it, so I called Continue Reading