Seven Years: How I met my husband.

Seven Years ago today my life changed forever. I was working as an Associate Producer for a small company and two of my colleagues invited me to a birthday party for someone I didn’t know, but I went because I needed a social life. At this party I talked to Rob Powers for the first time. The rest as they say is history…

October 2013.

So much has changed in just seven years. In 2007 I was single, living in Brooklyn, and working in film and television. I hadn’t even started this blog yet (that was September 2007) – I thought blogs were kind of dumb.

Today. I am a wife and mother of two. I am a graduate student so very close to a PhD in Psychology. I am a homeowner and a blogger. It’s kind of everything I ever wanted but not at all how I pictured it would be.

So on this anniversary I’m going to tell you about how I met my husband. I don’t think I’ve ever written it out before.

I actually met Rob for the first time in late February when we hired him to do some animation for a project I was working on. I wasn’t very good at it yet and our first interaction as we remember it was me going to look at what he’d done at the end of the day and saying “that’s not how it’s supposed to look.” Then I walked away giving no other instruction. (that’s probably not really true – but whatever I did say wasn’t helpful for him to understand what I meant…) Then I didn’t see him again because my great uncle died the next day and I flew home for the funeral.

A month later March 22, 2007 I was invited to this birthday party at a bar downtown. I knew the two people who invited me and was introduced to lots of people there. I had a long and intriguing conversation about bacon and a bacon of the month club with the birthday boy and then I recognized Rob. Even though I didn’t really know him, he was someone I had at least met before. He came over to the table I was sitting at and we spent the rest of the night talking. While I remember many parts of that conversation nothing is truly noteworthy until I was ready to go. Because this was a Thursday night. And I had to work the next day. Rob walked to the door of the bar with me then started talking again (for those that know Rob – this may be the most he’s ever talked in one night) and all I could think was “OMG I’m so tired and I have to go home now so walk me to the train or go away.” And I left. And all Rob’s friends were like “did you get her number” and he said “I’m never going to see her again.”

The next night I was invited to a show – The H.M.S. Pinafore Puppet Show. I’m not sure how I knew Rob would be there. Either he had mentioned it at the party or the mutual friend who invited me mentioned it because he had asked her for my number and she wouldn’t give it without my consent but knew he was interested. (The number conversation did happen.) I wanted to go. But I didn’t want anyone to know the reason I wanted to go was to see Rob again – because I am crazy. So I invited others along too…on my kind of date…because I am crazy. We went to the show. I sat next to Rob. It was nice.

At the pub. Sitting together.

Then we went to the pub for dinner and it was all how to make sure we sat together without making a big deal aboutit. (Because in my mind IT WAS ALL ABOUT US. In reality I’m sure no one other than the mutual friend who knew of the interest had ANY IDEA.) We sat together and had a nice evening. He held my hand under the table. Then he walked me to the train and asked if he could call. I had his number already (because I hired him) and texted him first thing the next day.

Karoke, late April.

Our first one on one date was on March 27. We went to an Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen then walked to Lincoln Center and across Central Park. The two memorable parts here are 1) I asked him what his parents did for a living and he said “Well my dad is dead.” And how do you respond to that? 2) He tried to kiss me at the train and I turned my head so he only got my cheek.

Wonder Wheel, Coney Island. May 2007.

Date two I got stuck working late, but since I worked with people he knew and we were keeping it quiet I didn’t want to tell anyone why I needed to leave on time so I just kept working. Until 9:00! I usually left at 6:30. I told Rob we could cancel early in the evening, but he waited for me. Noteworthy because he wasn’t living in the city at the time. We went to Johnny Rockets. This time he kissed me at the train. I was wearing my green coat.

Tea. Spring 2007.

Our third date we went to an art show in Williamsburg and then he came to my apartment for dinner and to watch The Departed. We started the movie late enough that he was going to miss the last train. Unintentional, but we were both aware of this but avoiding this. He slept over. On top of the covers. In all of his clothes. Such a gentleman.

The next day I emailed my sister that I had met this guy. He was really nice and something must be wrong with him. So maybe I shouldn’t see him anymore. She basically told me to stop being stupid.

Saratoga. June 2007.

And that’s how I met my husband. The rest of the timeline.

June 2007 – Trip to Saratoga with my cousins.

July 2007 – Trip to Indiana to go to a wedding and meet my family. I went to Brazil to see Emily and told her I was going to marry him.

November 2007 – Started talking marriage and do we want to look at rings. My family came to NYC for Thanksgiving.

December 2007 – Rob joined me for half the trip to Indiana Christmas and not one family member cracked a joke about marriage (that should have been my first clue this was for real)

January 26, 2008 – Engaged!

August 10, 2008Married!

July 9, 2011 – Simon.

February 10, 2014 – Caleb.

An Anniversary

Last night we cashed in a free meal at The View, which is the rotating restaurant in the Marriott Times Square. We went out on a Tuesday because yesterday marked five years since our first date.  And that’s worth celebrating.

Here we are now.

And then, taken about a month after we stared dating.

Dizzy Date

Monday Rob and I got to go on a real date to Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola. A friend was having his CD release party. It’s a place I’ve wanted to go, so the kid was dropped with a sitter and I got dressed up.
The ambiance was nice.  The food was great. And the music most excellent.
It’s a bit hard to get good pics in the low light.  But if you get a chance to go, do.  The skyline out the window is pretty awesome.
Oh, and you think you might like to recreate a little jazz in your own home? You totally can! Helping friends, something new to listen too, a romantic date night at home – it’s a win win win!

Buy “Imprints” below:

iTunes link:

CDBaby link:


The list of restaurants we want to try is continually growing.  Rob is a bit of a food snob – and I’m finally coming around to his way of thinking.  There are so many restaurants that why waste our time going to someplace sub-par. I wouldn’t say we are foodies really, because there are some places on our list of favorites that could be questionable, but we like them for various reasons (e.g. there is one and only one great dish but the overall doesn’t stand up).  There are also some places that are on our “do not patronize” list for bad food, bad service, or both, and we will give it a couple of goes. We are also homebodies, so walking distance is important. 

But back to this list.  The list is growing because we tend to frequent our favorites, we are working on branching out.  So a couple of weeks ago we walked to Astoria to visit Kickshaw. “Specialty coffee, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches , craft beer in Astoria, Queens.” Some friends had offered to babysit for a couple of hours, so Rob and I had a real date.  It was nice. The fancy cheeses were awesome.  But what really got us was the dessert.

So a week later we went. With Simon. Our weekend walks will likely be accompanied by “our car” what Mom and Chip have lovingly dubbed the stroller.  So we strolled. And at some point turned Simon around so he could be in a picture too.

Kickshaw has a great vibe with a big communal table, small tables in the back, and a bar. I can see this as a place where you could sit and work and eat and drink for an afternoon.  Not the most kid friendly place we’ve been, but having Simon wasn’t a problem.  We did have to park the stroller away from where we sat, but not a big deal.  We had to sit at the bar this time around.  Planning better around cranky time and padding in time to wait for a table would make it better to return with baby.  Without baby, no problem.

Simon spent the time pounding on the bar and playing with a paper cup. Then he got cranky so Rob ate while I walked him and I ate while Rob took him outside to people watch. It was a very warm day for winter.

The dessert we got was quite awesome.  A chocolate walnut brownie that was very dry, like carrot cake maybe with coffee poured over it. You get your dessert and coffee all in one dish. Amazing. 

On the walk home Simon had about enough of the stroller.  So we carried him the last few blocks.  And he got his first ride on Daddy’s shoulders. I think the hair and glasses pulling was his favorite part.

If you are local.  Check out Kickshaw.  With or without the kid.

Some Notes

This made me laugh.  Last Friday we took Simon in the Ergo carrier to do some errands in the city.  One was to drop off a library book.  They check your bags when you enter and leave.  Rob opened the diaper bag and I followed him, but was stopped to check my “bag.”  The guards expression was priceless when I said “it’s a baby” and pulled back the sleep hood of the carrier.

Monday we went to see Harry Potter 7.2  Simon was great.  We went to the 12:45 show, the first one of the day.  There were only about 30 people in the theater with us.  Simon ate or slept all but the last 20 minutes when I walked him in the aisle by the exit.  We can totally do movies with a baby…for a few more weeks anyway.

Simon Kenton, one month

Tuesday was the big One Month well visit.  Wow!  one month.  The Squeaker (that’s his latest nickname because he squeaks all. the. time.  and it’s hilarious) weighed in at 10 pounds 3 ounces (60%)  His weight gain is awesome at about 2 oz a day right now, it will slow down.  His height was 21.25 inches but I know this was wrong, he was 21 at birth and is much longer now.  We are going to work on getting him to cooperate and stretch his legs for next month.  No shots this time around, next month we start the vaccinations.

Anniversary Date 8/10/11

Wednesday was our third anniversary.  I really can’t believe it’s only been three years.  I can remember life without the Squeaker, I have a hard time doing the same for Rob.  It’s been fun, it’s still fun, and I hope it stays that way.  Josh came over to babysit.  I fed Simon right before we left.  We went to Saffron Garden, an Indian restaurant a few blocks away.  It was very empty, then we remembered it was 7 on a Wednesday.  The food was good, but I think our old favorites are still our favorites.  After dinner we took a walk then stopped at the wine bar, Claret for a glass of wine and the creme brulee.  We were gone for 2.5 hours.  Josh got to change his first diaper and baby was still alive when we got home.  I really liked fixing my hair, wearing make-up (something I only really do for occasions anyhow) and wear a dress that did not have to be appropriate for nursing.  Date night = awesome.

BlogHer, the blogging conference I went to last year was in San Diego last weekend.  I was excited to see where it would be next year, thinking that could be a nice vacation.  It’s in New York, again.  Which is disappointing because it means no travel, but good because it means I am absolutely going.  And I think I will also attend Pathfinder day for the pre-conference workshops.  Maybe I will meet some bloggy friends for real – anyone out there think you might come?  Blogging is a hobby that I have stuck with for almost 4 years now, that’s epic for me. I want to keep evolving as a blogger and building new relationships.

Rob has been home for two weeks now.  It’s awesome.  I am just getting to a point where I think I could tackle a trip to Manhattan on my own, I did it a couple of weeks ago and was on the couch for two days recovering. Two of us makes it almost easy.  It’s great to have the family time.  And also the tag team because taking care of a newborn is EXHAUSTING.  I finally really get what 24/7 is because you have to be on top of it always. I can’t be away from Simon for more than a couple of hours due to feeding, but Rob can take care of him, bring him to me, and take him again.  So I’m getting some longer stretches of rest.

on the steps of the Met, 8/3/11

Last week (in addition to the Friday funny) we took the stroller in to run errands and had lunch at the Shake Shack.  Some day when I have a computer again all of my ipod photos will be available for blogging, even though the quality is not so great.  Then Wednesday we went to the Met.  Simon was our ticket to the front of the excessively long line to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty.  One of the line attendants saw us and gave us a pass to go right to the front because of the baby.  Woot!

roof of the Met, 8/3/11

My adviser and another grad student came to visit yesterday.  We mostly looked at and talked about the baby.  But also got me up to speed on a few things for the fall semester.  I’m looking forward to it this year. I’m teaching a class and taking a class and finishing two papers.  I get to take Simon with me to the lab the day I teach, and someone will watch him during the class time.  The day I have a class I’m going to leave him home with Rob because it will only be 3 hours of away time.  When Rob starts back to work we’ll come up with a new plan.

My sister and dad are coming tomorrow with their SOs.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Emily hasn’t seen him yet in person, and my dad saw him at 1 week.  He’s gained THREE POUNDS in the last four weeks so he’s going to seem HUGE.

Have a great weekend!