Hit and Run

Why are people jerks? I really don’t get it.

Rob and I went to dinner in Manhattan tonight and afterward were walking up 9th Ave. At the corner of 55th street we heard a loud sound, we thought a car hit another car. We turned around, there was no wreck, my next thought was his bumper fell off or something of the like. Then the girl sat up.

About five people immediately called 911, the driver got out, someone laid her back down and told her not to move. She didn’t loose consciousness, thank goodness. The driver got back into his vehicle, at first it looked like he was going to pull forward some to keep oncoming traffic one more lane away. Then he sped off! Who does that! Seriously!!!

So what was an accident – girl was crossing on a walk signal, and the car made a fast turn – is now a hit and run. What the driver didn’t count on is the helpful people of NYC getting his license plate as soon as he hit her.

The police took some statements – and the license plate number. The paramedics arrived and shooed everyone away. I think she’s going to be ok, she had someone call a friend. I think she broke her arm. Not sure about anything else.

Both Rob and I were shaking the rest of out walk. It could have easily been us crossing the street. I hope she’s ok. And I really really hope the guy who hit her gets caught. It was an accident – unless he was drinking or something – but you just don’t drive away.

I’ve never seen anything like this. It really shakes you up.

Be safe.

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