Baby-Sitters are BACK!

On April 1, I had the opportunity to attend an event featuring Ann M. Martin, author of “The Baby-Sitter’s Club.” This was super-awesome as I read those books from approximately 1989 – 1994. I still have most of the ones I owned in storage at Dad’s house. They were loved. I can’t believe the books have been out of print for 10 YEARS, or that the first one was written 25 YEARS AGO! But a prequel was written, and I got my very own autographed copy.
The first four books are being re-released for a whole new generation of baby sitters.

As a closing thought. I thought 13 was SOOO old and SOOO cool. And I got my first baby sitting job around that time (I’m pretty sure it was for Megan Stewart) But seriously, parents trusted me home alone with their child?!? 13 seems so young these days…

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