The Aftermath

So we missed the actual blizzard, holed up in Indiana.  I’m so happy we decided to stay until Tuesday, our flight home wasn’t affected at all!  According to CNN at the airport LaGuardia was open for business, but there was a lack of aircraft.  So arrivals were a go, unfortunately for those leaving NYC, departures were still kind of a mess.  We got in 15 minutes early and were on our way home.  The approximately5 mile trip took about 2 hours.  We waited 40 minutes for the bus, which (luckily? maybe?) was making express stops between its terminals.  The airport and the subway station.  This was due to the fact that local streets were still impassable.  So we took the expressway as much as possible and crawled through the local streets that were unavoidable.  We saw a couple of stuck busses and many stuck cars along the way.  Once finally at the subway, it was a quick trip home.  Oh, so good to be home.

Since I’m on break from school still, I worked on stuff from home today, venturing out to the grocery store.  Below are the picks I took along the way.  Believe it or not, this is a vast improvement over yesterday.  I can only imagine what Sunday and Monday must have been like.  We missed the big storm last year too over Christmas – and that was nothing compared to this.  I’m not sure if that is a blessing or not.  I was here for the blizzard of February 2006.  That was fun!

the intersection at 50 and Skillman

tire print in the side of a drift

intersection at 50 and 43rd – you can’t really tell here but the pile across the street is up to my shoulders

snowman in front of the emergency boiler that has been there since Dec 10, 2009, I think it might become permanent

the entrance to our building
size detail, almost to the top of the meter


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