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Back in August, I went to BlogHer.
I met some bloggy friends.  
Who I follow on Twitter and read their blogs.
A few weeks ago I saw this tweet:

 Picking up initial order of GS cookies – pls buys some so I dont eat them all and end up having a 12 lb baby. Free ship if u get 5 boxes!

And I love girls scout cookies.  Back in Indiana when I taught dance classes, I always stocked up.  There were a ton of girl scouts.  And someone was always selling outside of Wal-Mart or Kroger if I forgot to order.

Then I moved to New York.  And no Girl Scouts (well there are scouts here, but they are hard to find, and I don’t know any) so no Girl Scout Cookies.

So I tweeted back.  And placed and order.  And after two blizzards delayed shipping.
THIS arrived last week:

And THIS is what was inside:

Different names for some of the cookies.  Peanut Butter Patties instead of Tagalongs and Caramel Delights instead of Samoas.  But they still taste the same.

Rob tried to eat a whole box of my PB Patties.  I told him those were for me and his baby.  The Caramel Delights were all his (I don’t like coconut).  The Thin Mints are for sharing.

Even if I never have a Girl Scout of my own, now at least I can get some cookies.

Thank goodness for bloggy friends.

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