Chirstmas Recap in Photos

This year we did a technological Christmas and Skyped with various family members throughout the day on The 24th and 25th. The kid loves screens, so it actually kind of works.

 Simon is too little to get Christmas, but he loves the lights.  And the paper.

I loved getting to wake up and have a quiet morning before church to have family time and a few presents.

After church Val and Josh came over for dinner.  I cooked.  Rob helped.  I didn’t actually take a single picture of the meal or the table.  But I did use the desert dishes from my china for the first time.  I’m usually too tired by desert time to use them.  All the visitors were a bit of over-stimulation, but Simon did finally take a nap at 4:40.  But he loves his Uncle Josh.

I’ve been working on learning Photoshop to edit photos. More on that to come.

Good Christmas.