Halloween 2016

In true Sunnyside fashion we had another great Halloween. The boys wanted to be Ghostbusters. (Again) This year the twist was they were the Ghostbusters – so I made a new suit for Simon and Rob made a new Pack for Caleb. Rob was the Marshmallow man. Fun Fact: The fleece hat was made from Caleb’s costume two years ago, that wasn’t intentional really, just the only white fleece I had on hand. I was a slimer monster with a slime hat from the Drugstore and reuse of my favorite dress from the childhood dress up box. I took no pictures (!!!) I know, who am I? But Rob got some great video. So enjoy!

We made it three streets this year. Caleb got tired and just sat in the middle of the sidewalk to eat his candy. Simon decided he was ok waiting in the line (instead of hitting up more houses) for a scary balloon skeleton at the end of the night. Because my neighborhood is awesome and there is a family who hires balloon artists or does some other over the top awesome every year.

See all of our Halloween costumes here: 2010, 2011 (Marshmallow Man), 2012 (Tardis), 2013 (Ninja Turtle), 2014 (Ghostbusters), 2015 (Mario Bros.)

Santaland: 2015 edition

Before the holiday season is too far behind us…We made our annual visit to Macy’s Santaland in mid-December. We timed it so perfectly that there was no line! Usually we get in line and then Rob joins us after work, no line, we killed time talking to the elves. Caleb was not so into the big guy, so I ended up in the official photo and no pic of Caleb alone this year, but all in all still one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

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See: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

#MicroblogMondays: Christmas crafty

Grad school and littles have made holidays, especially Christmas, a strange time of year for me.  Babies are physically exhausting and thankfully we are moving out of that phase. But Grad school and teaching college puts the emotional exhaustion of the end of a semester right in the middle of the holidays. I really love to sew and make things. Last year I couldn’t pull it together to do anything more than set up the tree. Caleb never got his stocking.  This year though I’ve made the time, and stayed up much to late making and it’s been wonderful. Caleb has a stocking,  A friend has a Christmas box of handmade goodies in the mail very soon. I finally made Simon the puppy/doll carrier he picked fabric for months ago.

It’s nice to discover this little piece of me that is still there.

Halloween 2015

Halloween is the start of the most wonderful time of the year. It’s in FALL and so much fun. Then we move in to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so what’s not to love. Building costumes has become a bit of a challenge for us to try and out-do ourselves. I think the Tardis or 2012 might be my favorite. Rob is still quite proud of the proton pack that came with last year’s Ghostbusters, that costume was a bit of reuse from 2011’s Marshmallow Man. And this year we recycled the Ninja Turtle shell from 2013. We aren’t geeks at all when it comes to costumes….

So without further ado – This year’s Super Mario Brothers costumes for the who family.


Funniest moment of the night when a little boy, dressed as a puppy, about Caleb’s age, saw Bowser, screamed and ran the opposite direction.


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For extra fun, here are some pre-kid costumes. 2007 Rainbow Brite at work; 2010 at a Halloween Party and about 3 weeks pregnant with Simon..