Friday was Rob’s birthday! We didn’t do too much for it. I didn’t meet him for lunch, but I did offer to get whatever he wanted for dinner. Cinnamon Roll Waffles – basically you take cinnamon rolls and cook them in a waffle iron instead of baking, and then top with ice cream. I also made a shortcake to go with the berries and apricots, since Rob prefers fruit to cake!

Saturday my Dad came to visit and Rob and I went out for his birthday dinner to L’Artiste in Astoria. It was pretty good. 3.5 out of 5 Powers’ Food Stars – I think there are only three places we’ve ever given 5’s. I meant to take my camera, but it was accidentally left at home. So no documentation. But we did have a nice date. And I didn’t forget the birthday of my love.

And some gratuitous pictures. Have you noticed a theme of how our summer is going?


Oh, and it’s disgustingly hot. We are really hoping the heat breaks for next weekend.

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