12 months or 1 whole year!

Oh, baby boy. How big you are now! A full fledged toddler. You’ve taken off this month with the walking. You pretty much gave up crawling on June 20. Since then you walk EVERYWHERE, and even try to run a little. I’m glad you haven’t started climbing yet…it’s only a matter of time.

You are so sweet, you love to come check in for a quick hug or kiss. You can give kisses now, only they are more like bites on the face. But it makes you so happy. You decided that “Ah-choo” is just about the funniest sound and will fake sneeze and then crack up laughing. You discovered balls this month and are getting pretty good at chasing them and bringing them back. Sometimes you try to throw the ball. It is also the first word / command you’ve shown interest in. If you here “Where’s the ball?” you look around to find it.

You have totally figured out doors and drawers. You really like to close doors, the problem is that now you sometimes get stuck in the room. But that’s how you learn. You watch everything we do. It’s not long at all before you will be trying yourself.

We still go to the park most nights and some afternoons. The push cars in the big open area are your favorites. You like the puddles more than the sprinkler, but you are getting braver and going closer every time. We also went to the pool and you like it ok, preferring to watch the big kids. You are going to be one of the big kids very very soon.

Still no real words, but you are repeating and are babbling gibberish all the time.

Four teeth! Finally, the top two came in just before your birthday. And at least one more is about to pke through. You don’t like the mean teeth so much. But I’m hoping teeth will help you eat more.

You are still a tiny little guy weighing in at 18 pounds 5 ounces, which is less than 3%, BUT when I look at the WHO chart for breastfed babies you are – and have been since 4 months – at 10%. I need to remember to request that the doctor use these charts from now on. You love to nurse, and still do 4-6 times a day. I did stop pumping though, so it will be cows milk at school from now on.

You like cheese, and bread, and sweets. (You sure do take after mama) and will usually eat fruit. We are working on veggies and meat. I’m really hoping the teeth help. You like rice and sushi again. You are good about sitting at the table in your booster. Sometimes you eat dinner with us, and sometimes it goes on the floor. I’m working on getting over the mess. You like to hold a spoon and if we give you a cup or bowl, you dip the spoon in. You know HOW to eat – you just prefer to play. Oh well.

Sleep is good, then it’s not, then it’s ok again. You went through a phase where bedtime made you really mad. But still sleeping 6-9 hours at first then up. I’m mostly ok with this. And you NAP now. Like up to 3 hours in the afternoon. It’s awesome! This is how mama blogs even though I should be working on school writing or cleaning the house.

Love you kiddo. Happy 1st Birthday!

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