#microblogmonday weekend status updates

Upon being told he was going to the big kid room for Sunday school to learn about God instead of the baby nursery Simon said: God is not my friend! I only want Miss Mariana! (teacher in baby room & our sitter)

After Sunday school I asked him the first question of the Shorter Catechism, which is our Sunday school curriculum and what they talked about.

Me: Simon, who made you?

Simon: stares at me.

Me: Simon, did God make you?

Simon: No, I made me all myself!

Clearly Sunday school is needed and we have some work to do.


Simon is also at an age where he is starting to understand his body and parts and what parts other people have and the comments and questions that come with that.

While I was in the bathroom, I wanted Simon to come use it when I was done so we could go out.

Me: Simon, I need you to come here to the bathroom.

Simon: No mama, you can point your penis down all yourself.


While sitting on the couch with Rob, both in pajamas.

Simon reaches over and grabs: Is that your penis Daddy?

Rob: Yes.

Simon: I like it.


This morning while playing in diapers and Caleb fussing.

Simon: Mama I need you to put milk on my nipples, so I can give Caleb boo boos. He wants me to feed him. Come help me hold him mama.


Also, I bought pants in a size 6 this weekend. Still 10-12 pounds to lose, but only one more size until my old clothes fit!

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4 thoughts on “#microblogmonday weekend status updates

  1. Penis talk is the worst… but also somehow the best. It’s hilarious. Last night Jack drew a picture of Josh butchering a moose (he was gone moose hunting) and the moose had a huge penis on it. I was DYING!

  2. LOL. I love the random stuff kids say. 🙂 Stella is OBSESSED with boobs lately – “mama, Elsa and Anna have boobs! Nana has boobs! Daddy has little boobs.” etc. etc. Cracks me up every time!

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