Ice cream bowls

ice cream bowl 2My mom-mom (grandma) always had this set of pink ice cream bowls. They are just pink melamine bowls and I don’t know why they were designated ice cream bowls – maybe that’s what they were sold as – but growing up we ALWAYS ate ice cream in these bowls only. And I don’t recall ever eating anything else from them. She also had oatmeal and cream of wheat bowls that were exclusively for breakfast use.

Ice cream is hands down one of my favorite foods. As a kid it was always chocolate if I could get it. Dad-dad (grandpa) used to tease that it would make me sick and try to give me a different flavor – or worse, none at all. But chocolate ice cream in the pink bowls is fond memory of my childhood.

At my bridal shower Mom-mom gave me a set of 4 of the pink bowls. This was a meaningful gift and the bowls came back to new york with me. We had plenty of bowls though, and Rob didn’t get the significance, so they were put away in an extra cabinet and I kind of forgot about them. Every year or so, I come across the bowls and smile. A few weeks ago in one of my nesting urges I was reorganizing some cabinets and shelves and I pulled them down. Instead of finding somewhere to store them, I put them in the cabinet with our every day dishes. And there they have been sitting.

Tuesday night Rob and Simon were having chocolate ice cream and apple pie (interestingly, as an adult I prefer vanilla ice cream) and all of Simon’s regular bowls were dirty. We try not to give him anything breakable… So I pulled out a pink bowl and a “silber” (instead of baby) spoon.

I love that I have this to pass on to the next generation. Whether they will remain ice cream only or worked into the rotation is yet to be determined. But last night when Rob was eating ice cream, Simon threw a fit because he wanted his own – in a pink one. My work here is done.

ice cream bowl***A note for any grandparents worried we are depriving their beloved grandson of ice cream. When Daddy asked him if he wanted ice cream he said no and ran to his room. Thus, no bowl of his own prepared.


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  1. I love this. 🙂 We totally had bowls designated for ice cream and cream of wheat as well (the cream of wheat ones had an indentation part way up the bowl that was the perfect level to fill the water to). Random!

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