monster trucks; or his last day as an only child


For Christmas I got Rob and Simon tickets to see Monster Trucks. They cashed in the Saturday before Caleb arrived. We had joked that as long as I wasn’t actually HAVING a baby they would go Friday or Sunday would be just fine. They left at 8 am for the drive to Connecticut. I settled in for some tv watching, my leg wax, and an afternoon of napping and writing. Rob sent me picture updates throughout the day.

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They arrived early and visited the gift shop and Simon got to run in the lobby. Then the pit party where Simon got to meet Monster Mutt and drive his Monster Mutt on the real track. Simon didn’t like the loud, so he actually wore his earmuffs (we got some noise cancelling ear muffs courtesy of Papo). They got to watch the radio controlled cars and ATV races. Then the main event. Of which not much was seen, as Simon was now going on 5 hours of Monster Truck fun and no nap. After about 30 minutes they took a bathroom break and Simon didn’t want to go back in. So after a quick stop at the gift shop where Simon picked out his very own Gravedigger, they headed out. And took Grandma Val to dinner. Simon was one exhausted kid by they time they got home, but is still talking about the Monster Trucks. Maybe next year they will make it through the whole event.


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