Family of Four

I had a lot of plans for this week. Instead, we had a baby!

Caleb_12hrs2_blogannounceThe whole experience was fantastic. Rob was awesome!

family_pic_CalebSimon got to come visit Monday afternoon when Caleb was about 12 hours old. I love this picture of his anticipation. We didn’t take any pictures of the actual encounter, but video to come.


Tuesday we got to come home – it’s so nice to be home.

IMG_1039Wednesday we braved the subway for our first double well child visit (2.5 years and 2.5 days). Simon is now done with vaccines until he’s 5 and his weight gain is still excellent. Caleb is still at birth weight – yay breastmilk and is great. He has a follow-up to check weight in two weeks. We also have a follow-up appointment at the hospital in 2 weeks to repeat the hearing test in one ear.

first_subwayThursday was a snow day and today is more of the same.

sweepinEventually I’ll get around to all of the skipped plans. For now we are doing lots and lots of this.


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11 thoughts on “Family of Four

  1. Kasey!!! He is beautiful and I love his name, of course! 🙂 Caleb is a great name…and I love that you used your maiden name!! Yesterday I was on my phone when I saw your post so I couldn’t get it to click through, just seeing his name today. 🙂 Congratulations to you and your family!! So happy for you all and will be praying for you in this transition to life with a new little one!!

  2. These are great pics and I am so happy for you that everything went smoothly. I can’t wait to hear the details but if you got to go home so quickly I think things must have gone as hoped!

    Hard to believe these boys are here already. We’re lucky, lucky mommas! 😉

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