#microblogmondays – Car Culture

We spent last week in Indiana with my family for Christmas. It was a great trip that will be blogged about with lots (and lots and lots) of pictures eventually. But what really struck me is how little I walked. Granted I do look at camping at my Mom’s house kind of like laying on the beach for a week (the resting part – there is no beach, there is a fire place) so I’m not trying to move much. But we are also driving everywhere. To Target or the grocery or the restaurant or someone’s house, you get the picture. Some of these trips are about a mile. Over the course of the week I averaged 3 – 5K in my daily step count. Even my highest day, when we went for a walk I was just under 6,000 steps.

Monday, our first “real” day home I got 16,957 steps. This was a family outing to finally see the tree at Rockerfeller Center and get some hot chocolate and then Rob and I went on a date. A pretty typical non-work day. I walk A LOT more when I have to.