First Homework

Fall means school and school means homework. Simon had his first “book report” last week. Every Friday he will be sent home with a book, and it should be returned on Monday with the report sheet filled out. Stellar parent that I am, I remembered around 7:30am Monday that we needed to do this. Oops. But Simon listened to his story and filled out the report.

IMG_4499And the next morning when he was helping Rob make muffins for breakfast he talked about helping to make your food. The lesson stuck.


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One thought on “First Homework

  1. Love this! Lids gets homework every week too and she LOVES it. I often forget about it until super late too unless she reminds me beforehand. She hasn’t had a book report yet though but I may try this on our own and just call it ‘homework’ (I do that sometimes because she loves homework so much). Great idea and so neat that the lesson stuck! 🙂

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