Birth Days

Fifty-two weeks ago today I woke up on a Sunday morning to Simon yelling and went to lay in his bed with him. My water broke. I was in denial. I called my doula and had a nice breakfast. Our last as a family of three. Then we all went to church. I called my doula again. Then my doctor. We left church and went to the hospital with no bags. I was convinced they’d send us home. That didn’t happen. At 4:31 am Monday morning Caleb joined our family. It was one of the most wonderful and intense experiences of my life. Twelve hours later Simon came to the hospital to meet his brother.

These videos are of that meeting. It’s only taken me a year to post them… Some key phrases: “He came out, he came out of your belly!” “He’s so tiny.” “Look at the baby toesies.” *the second video is long and mostly for grandparent gratification.

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