Longest Day Ever!

5:15 am – alarm clock goes off. it is cold. it is still dark.
5:30 am – alarm goes off again. i get up close window and decide i should shower.
5:55 am – to late to make lunch.
6:00 am – leave apartment.
6:03 am – get on bus.
6:30 am – get on train.
6:50 am – arrive at colleague’s apartment. (not fair she lives in Manhattan and has no travel time…we are going to start meeting at the office as it is about 10minutes faster for me to get there, and about 10 minutes for her)
7:10 am – the car we have been waiting for (we are going to Jersey) finally gets around the garbage truck that has been blocking the street.
8:05 am – we arrive at the preschool – i get a muffin from the store next door, as the car ride made me nauseous.
8:10 am – set-up…i eat.
8:30 am – we find out the kids are in the classroom we are using until 9 so we can’t start reading the story until then. we ask our “extra kids” background knowledge questions.
9:05 am – 3 year olds.
10:00 am – 4 year olds.
11:00 am – 5 year olds.
11:50 am – clean up.
noon – the car picks us up to take us back to the office.
1:00 pm – arrive at 1633 (office address).
1:05 pm – on my way to get a slice ($3 midtown pizza is SOOOO overpriced)
1:20 pm – back at the office to eat and check email.
1:50 pm – finished eating. get word the 2:30 meeting is at 2 now.
2:15 pm – 2 o’clock meeting starts.
3:20 pm – 2 o’clock meeting ends.
3:22 pm – check in with Carolyn and Vanessa. they have packed for tomorrow. i start editing the protocol from the meeting.
3:45 pm – tomorrow’s meeting to finish today’s meeting is for tomorrow from 4:30 – 5:30 (i leave at 7am friday)
4:00 pm – i realize it is 4 and i am still working.
5:10 pm – i realize it is 5:10 pm and tell the intern to go home. (it’s her first day, she’s been with us since 7, she says she doesn’t mind…we all say that in the beginning.)
5:15 pm – i IM my director to tell her we are packing up. i am waiting for last email.
5:20 pm – last email with material for tomorrow’s 4:30 arrives. i print. distribute. leave.
5:40 pm – leave building. stop at bank to deposit check.
6:00 pm – get on train.
6:35 pm – get on bus
7:00 pm – get home
7:02 pm – move rob’s car across the street (he couldn’t find parking in his neighborhood monday so he drove to my hose to park and took teh train to work from here. he’s good until tuesday now)
7:07 pm – make tuna for dinner and sit down to tell you about my day before heading to bible study at 8.

tonight i hope i’m home at 10 so i can crash and do it all again tomorrow. up side the schools part of the day gets shifted 1 hour later.

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