Zoo Fun

Rob and I recently went to the Bronx Zoo for a day date. It’s a pretty amazing zoo. The gorilla pavilion is especially cool, except this time when I went the curtains that open to show the gorillas after a film didn’t open. But we still got to walk through and see them all. Unfortunately this was the end of the day and no pictures. Rob was the main photographer of the day using his 3D camera. I will have to be sure and bring some of these pictures home with me. The camera is cool, and you wear glasses to look at the pictures.

Here’s my favorite of Rob by the Rhino statue in the main part of the zoo. On the Africa safari ride (a kind of monorail through a bunch of open areas) we got to see the baby rhino splashing its mama. And the elephants were there. There are a lot of types of deer in the zoo.

Then there are giraffes and zebras. We got a glimpse of the male lion, he was sitting on his rock. The female was nowhere to be seen.

What else did we see….a herd of bison. Not buffalo. A buffalo is what I usually think of a water buffalo. The have bigger horns, and look more like cows (in my opinoin anyway). American buffalo are really bison.

The butterfly gardens were still open. This is a huge greenhouse full of plants and butterflies and moths. You get to walk right through. The 3D pictures from here are also pretty cool. Zoos are very educational these days.

But the BEST part of the zoo is….

…The Bug Carousel!!!! And yes, we took a ride.
I rode a green caterpillar, and Rob was on the yellow grasshopper one.
Other steeds include a ladybug, a stink bug, and a dung beetle complete with dung!


Coming soon – My Summer Vacation(s), Apartment: Redecorated, and in ONLY 6 DAYS Sara and Kasey hit the town…I can’t wait!

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