Housewarming and Chicken Pot Pie

I have been terribly remiss in updating the last couple of weeks. There was traveling and an internet issue. And work has gotten crazy busy.

Saturday I helped Rob to host his housewarming / very belated 30th Birthday Party and the theme was Chicken Pot Pie. Thank you mom for passing on the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. We at four pies. I made a cake, and the rest was chips and drinks. But I forgot that people bring gifts to housewarmings. There were two more cakes and a pie and a box of cookies and numerous bottles of wine.

Everyone who came seemed to have a good time. We sent a some of the leftovers home with guests. And a cake and a pie made their way to work this morning. Good stuff but there is no was two people can eat that much food.

There was a definite cute contest as Chloe (9 months) discovered Mr. Theo Monkey (Rob’s Rabbit) Chloe however did not eat the carpet so she wins.

Sunday was recovery and Rob is officially moved in!!!

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